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  1. Beautiful, color choices accent the figure well. She looks...appropriately...enticing!
  2. Looks prepared to dish out some pain, nice job.
  3. Nice job, a quick wash would really give it definition, quick and easy.
  4. Beyond awesome, saw the figure in the new releases section and thought I couldn't wait for someone to paint her with sheer fabric!
  5. Wicked nice! I'm bookmarking this for the NMM, excellent work there.
  6. Wow, major undertaking, excellent results. Can I ask how many tiles are there and what are their dimensions?
  7. Great WIP, nice to see the progress. The freehand on the cloak really adds to it, instead of having that big area of solid color.
  8. That is awesome the freehand and the weathering really makes it great.
  9. Great job, I like the dark feel to it, looks appropriately sinister.
  10. Nice job, moss on the club, nice touch.
  11. WOW, that is awsome, your sculpting is fantastic. What a great concept.
  12. Great stuff so far, I'm feeling the pressure. Mine is in process, trying NMM for the first time, so far so good.
  13. Nice conversion, he's begging for a kick butt base.
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