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  1. Very neat, never know what you'll find in those deep, dark, places...
  2. JimL


    Good looking armor and a lot of it, you broke it up well.
  3. Great work. Love the details and the spot of water in the base, nice touch.
  4. That is awesome, the weathering and gunk on his blade are fantastic.
  5. Beautiful piece, you always paint such beautiful faces. I like the two-tone iridescent paint scheme, very nice.
  6. Wow, awesome. Are all the inks Liquitex? Thanks for the play-by-play I have a wyvern on my desk begging for paint and might give the ink idea a spin.
  7. Nice job, good choice of colors and the weathering on the cloak really adds to it.
  8. Geez, Santa gets to have all the fun! Beautiful work!
  9. One of my favorite Reaper figs., beautiful job and a great base. Love to see photos of the whole band when they're done.
  10. Beautiful job, the colors really stand out.
  11. Purchased, prepped and primed. Hmmm...now to choose base coat colors...
  12. Great stuff, excellent job with the faces and eyes.
  13. That's cool, well done. I love the the old figs.
  14. That's awesome, amazing freehand.
  15. Nice job, good weathering on the sword. Great eyes too.
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