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  1. demi_morgana

    CAV Minis

    Thanks! As soon as I find remaining painted CAV stuff adverts will appear :)
  2. demi_morgana

    CAV Minis

    That's what I thought: I'll give a try to trade-related sites and maybe some PMs Nevertheless I think CAV miniatures gallery in the CAV section would be good idea.
  3. demi_morgana

    CAV Minis

    Thanks, I didn't want to mess with authorities (and mods) of this board - that's why I asked Will give a try to those sites for sure.
  4. demi_morgana

    CAV Minis

    Sorry for offtopic but starting a new thread just to pop one question would be waste of webspace... Since the thread is about CAV models I'd like to know is there any market for painted CAV stuff? After moving to new place I am forced to reduce my toys collection so I'd like to know is there any point of taking pics of painted stuff. Cheers!
  5. don't give up Lilian - we're all with you and your parents! recover fast!
  6. I suppose it's a bit lame to reply on own topics bit I added a poll about solving the problem of bases under tanks (and some other vehicles in my collection ) click!; I'll be grateful for votes
  7. I think I painted lett than 100 models but the greatest success seems to be starting the adventure with cav game
  8. good idea about the "shards" - I was also looking sth to make our games more intreresting
  9. I know that method as well but I was rather interested in sth more hmmm... demanding
  10. I know it's probably not the best place to post such topic but I cannot make up better one and I am desperated... some time ago I painted my cav models but was adviced to work a bit more on cockpits - I learnt somewhere on reaper forum or battletech forum (wherever it is... ) there was specified topic about painitng cockpits on n-scale mechs! unfortunatelly search-gizmo didn't find any thread about cocpits so maybe some of more advanced reaper forum users could help me? I'll be very appreciated!
  11. hehe, I also wanted to post winter cav force as the entry here but all in all I didn't manage to paint anything on time anyway I cannot wait to see close ups - from the distance the camo looks brilliant! I don't like the game table as the background though - I think you should prepare small display base for these vehicles insetead - on such base you could juicy details like tanks' tranks pressed in snow etc
  12. hehehe, finally the snowman took the revenge for tearing off his carrot nose!
  13. ok, here's another set of junk - 2 lance tanks; these are pretty small so I took "pair-shots" but I think that's the reason front tank turned out a bit blurry :? anyway they are here: low, easy to hide, worty 218pts each and armed with decent cannon! :army: I know the bases don't fit the models but we decided to base every cav model on the field - that rules out any measuring doubts which might appear :roll: when I was painitng these I had only 2 tanks but now I am happy owner of 6 veicles so I'm considering adding some numbers / markings on the armor
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