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  1. The photo is pretty much shot. It is way to dark to really truly get any detail out of it much less facial features which is what I am sure you really want if I am not mistaken. I did try to do something with it and I had no luck and I was using Photoshop CS3, all I basically got from it is a washed out image that was just that.. washed out and no details. I am sorry sir. Its okay. Thanks for trying though. I Appreciate it. I didn't expect it to work but I didn't see a reason to not try. Thanks again.
  2. I need help getting this photo brightened up so you can actually see it. I don't know if its fixable or not, but I figured its better putting it it out there than just leaving it. Its from my camera phone (its all I had and I wanted a picture with Robby Krieger from The Doors.) Here's the photo. Thanks for anybody who can do it.
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