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  1. Love your paint job! Question: What reaper mini is the wizard if you don't mind me asking.
  2. That would be awesome to get that look!
  3. Trying to come up with a good paint mixture that I can use on my Harvey the psycho killer. I would like his apron to be a color of a white apron that has been aged with blood and such. Any suggestions?
  4. I have been looking around to see what colors I should get. I was hoping that were some zombie figures in the painted gallery section. We shall see what I came up with bad or good.
  5. All of the above. :D I just got Zombie Dog Handler (50069) and Urban Zombies II (50066) and have been trying to think what colors should I get to paint them up. These will be my first zombie figures and I am really excited about painting them and making them look the best I can. Thanks -Jen
  6. Whats the best brushes to use on layering techniques? I have a kit I got at walmart and I will admit now they are low quality brushes. Thanks in advance
  7. I'm afraid I don't see the link you are talking about.
  8. I want to know how he did the technique on the figure he painted and what colors could be good to use on the one I am working on. This is my fourth figure I am painted so I will admit now I am a noobie at this. But I would really like to learn more and prefect my technique.
  9. Can anyone give me tips to how this figure was painted? http://www.reapermini.com/PaintedGallery/p..._Elise_front_ds
  10. Thanks!!!! I really appericate the help and the welcome.
  11. I just got the Terezinzya, Goth Sorceress figure and I have no idea what to paint her. I was wondering if anyone here has done that figure and had pictures I could use as examples. I don't want to copy I just want to get some ideas of what direction to go. Thanks.
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