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    Florida.... cest pool of the south
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    I'm 21 and a mother of two beautiful boys. I've grown up and live in Florida though, if things go well, I'll soon be in Michigan. I love LARPing, music, art, ancient history, cooking, and renfaires. I drink and smoke and regret not a moment of either. I've a peculiar dress style that many don't understand, but I care not what others may think. I am who I am and will change for noone. I'm an artist, a watcher, and colder than ice. I' a caregiver when the need calls for it, but I'll not tolerate anyone wanting to be pampered. I'm not your mother, but I'll be your friend if I deem you worthy of my time. I [b]will[/b] give respect, but only when earned and I don't play games. This is all I will give... for now. Anything else you may want to know, you'd need only ask.
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