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  1. But I want them now .. first world problems.
  2. Will the paints included in the Kickstarter options be added to the regular line? I'd love to get hold of some of these colors, but wasn't able to get it in the Kickstarter. Thanks, ST
  3. Let me know, I'll be happy to donate. Love the Reaper folks!
  4. Sure thing, I'll snap some more pics in the morning.
  5. I am basing this one on a Lowland Copperhead... a very colorful neat looking snake.
  6. This guy looked so dark and grim that I decided to paint him as a duergar. I've always liked the way the red hair looked against dark skin. So here he is in progress..
  7. I can't wait for these miniatures! The Christmas Knight reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas Present. Come closer, and know me better man!
  8. Primarily our group plays Numenera, and we show no signs of switching to anything else for the time being. We do plan on running some games in the Strange (I think the Chronoscope line is going to be great for running that game) In the recent past, I ran: Labyrinth Lord: A year and half long game using the Stonehell adventure, set in the Moonsea area, using the old Forgotten Realms Grey Box as the setting. Dungeon World: (My second favorite game after Numenera) Savage Worlds Beast and Barbarians Savage Worlds Deadlands DCC RPG We would eventually like to try out The One Ring RPG, and will most likely play through the D&D Starter Set to see how we like the final version of the 5E rules.
  9. I've been running Numenera non-stop for the past few months, and it has become my favorite RPG. The game takes very little prep time, often only writing down a couple of descriptors for an NPC is all you need. The system for setting challenges frees the GM up so much. You decide how hard something is, the player decides how much effort they want to put into accomplishing the task.. and that's it. A very fun,and very rewarding game, imho.
  10. Kadence, Sorry for the late reply, I started a new job this week so things have been hectic. I got the miniatures and I love them! I use Myconids a lot in my underdark games and while I had a few plastic ones from WotC, these are much more colorful and interesting. You did a fantastic job on the colors and blending. Thank you for nice not that was included as well. -Todd
  11. Hey, I meant to include a note, but completely forgot, life has been a bit crazy lately. Hope you liked the figure and paintjob! -Todd
  12. This was my inspiration: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7obaQD9Uv4I/T3oSJxTjKpI/AAAAAAAAAcQ/hy-BiLNcB7w/s320/HouseOfRlyehCover.jpg
  13. I really like you work here. I'm working on mine at the moment and it appears we chose the exact same color scheme. Right down the color of the armor plates.
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