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  1. DFo

    03358: Eldolan, Elf Fighter

    I asked for advice, so it'd be pretty bad form if I didn't take it - I've taken new pictures and re-done the photoshopping in the hopes of providing something a bit more visible. I think this is about the best I can do with the tools I have. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. DFo

    Well of Doom

    I love this sculpt - always reminds me of the Dunwich Horror box art - and this is a great paint job. The ripple effect in the water really is excellent. I only wish that were an Elder Sign instead of a pentagram on that book cover...
  3. DFo

    03358: Eldolan, Elf Fighter

    It's been a very long time indeed since I've posted anything, but that's because it's been a long time since I've PAINTED anything. I painted this figure up to represent one of my adventuring companion's DnD character in our current campaign. He specified a LOT of browns, but I tried to add a little colour wherever I could. The sculpt is absolutely gorgeous and the quality of the casting was impeccable. I certainly didn't do it justice, but what a pleasure to paint. Anyway, here he is: Comments, critiques and especially advice are always welcome. I think I've had it with metallic paints had will finally have to cross that bridge and start trying some NMM techniques. Scary!
  4. DFo

    Who stole my saltshaker?

    Goregeous mini all around, but the knife and fork "cross bones" take the cake.
  5. DFo

    Alien Corals and an Involuntary Dryad

    The melted straw "alien corals" really look the business. What a great idea. I could see the same process used for rusted/bombed-out metal. Lovely stuff!
  6. DFo

    Krystal Keep CAV battle

    I'd say those cows are up to something.
  7. DFo

    Lord Stronghart

    Fantastic cape work. His armour, and his sword especially, are stellar also. If my helmet were that bulky, I'd prefer to carry it too.
  8. DFo

    The Vikings are comming!

    Lovely stuff - I like the round shield especially.
  9. DFo

    Alejandra (SJB Studios)

    That is one smooth and beautiful paint job. I even kinda like the axe deal. Can't wait to see your upcoming non-"rusty" stuff.
  10. DFo

    Divebot, Giant Bat, Two Detectives

    Nice effect on the divebot's porthole.
  11. DFo

    Silver Hair

    Masochist. ;-)
  12. DFo

    Painting satin or silk cloth

    This is not my work (in fact, it's much better than my work), but I think this is a pretty killer silk/satin effect, and there's a link to a tutorial down the page.
  13. DFo

    Need some new brushes

    For what it's worth after so much good input here... I started with sythetic brushes. Then moved to off-brand Kolinsky Sable. Then to Da Vinci Maestros. Now I use W&N Series 7 Miniatures. Each of those transitions was eye-opening, with the difference from synthetic to sable probably the most pronounced. The Maestros are good brushes, but I prefer the amount of snap, the paint flow, and especially the point of the W&Ns. Disclaimer: I paint with pretty thin paint - I'm not sure how the designed-for-watercolour S7s would do if you like to dip straight from the bottle, or only thin slightly. I ordered my Series 7s in 3 sizes - 000, 0, and 2. I don't use the 000 - it's too small. Pupil dotting is actually easier with the wider belly and fine point of the 0. I really need a larger brush than the 2 for large blocks of colour. I should note that the Series 7 Miniature 0 is about the same size as a Da Vinci Maestro 000. Finally, I got my latest brushes from Jerry's Artarama (although I believe Blick is slightly cheaper). I've paid much more for far inferior brushes. Having the right tools for the right job really helps - but remember, you can't always blame your brushes! Good luck with the painting!
  14. DFo


    LEGEN ...wait for it... DARY.
  15. DFo

    2605: Ulthalokh the Unclean

    Descent campaign! I'm jealous. Suitably ominous fig (what? no pastel colours at all?!?) Are you washing your copper/bronzes with something there?