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  1. Thanks! I made the base with milliput and some small talus rock, just did not seem right have him sitting on the ground glaring at the dirt after all :D -DM
  2. Done with another character for my D&D game, my brothers dwarf! -DM
  3. Oh very cool! The eyes are fantastic and the fire and OSL on the body looks very good, -DM
  4. Lol well thanky! And I have been told many times that I paint like a madman, but I have been nuts for a long time so that's cool with me! -DM
  5. Another Red Box Games mini this one is for a player in our D&D game And no i am not stuck on the red white and blue theme...its the colors my firend wanted :D -DM
  6. Thanks guys! I do love a lot of the freebooter minis they do got some really cool stuff. Painting this guy makes me want to make an airship model for our game too... But that might be a bit more massive of a project than i want to get into, and I still have more minis to paint for the game as well. And yes I do like Dr. Strange :D -DM
  7. This is another mini for my D&D he is going to be used as an Airship Captain and he was a lot of fun to paint! The mini is from Freebooter Miniatures. -DM
  8. This mini is also from Red Box Games and is also for my D&D game, she was a very fun one to paint. She IS a bit smaller than my others as she is more true scale than the reaper guys but it think they still all look good together :D -DM
  9. Thanks guys! No he is not a red wizard he is for a different campaign, but your are right he would totally work as one! -DM
  10. Finished this guy today to use as a bad guy in my D&D game: -DM
  11. I finished the familiar today so I thought i would share: -DM
  12. Ever just have an idea for something kinda crazy and figured why not give it a shot? I looked at this little guy that and could just see him standing on top of a crane as he is sneaking into somewhere. So I figured i would give it a shot and came up with this: -DM
  13. This is a mini i painted just for the fun of it, i do plan to paint the familiar too but ill give him his own base that way if someone wants to use her in our D&D they can. -DM
  14. Thanky! The gears in the base are from an old pocket watch, there are more cogs and such that are small and dont show up in the pics in the base too. Got 2 bags of old watches and parts off ebay too for not to much so I can play with em some more too. -DM
  15. Hey guys! Been a bit since i painted anything but I am back to painting now. I did this one for my best friend to use as her character in our D&D game. Our game has a very steampunk feel so I tried to make that come out with the clockwork base. What do yall thinik? -DM
  16. Thanks guys! My little 4 year old told me that the Jedi kids would win. When I asked him, what if they were just dressing up like Jedi with play lightsabers just like him what would they do to beat the bad guy? He said "well they just hit em wit the lihgtsaber and he'll play dead." So I asked "and if he Really is a bad guy and will not play dead" and so he came up with a resonse I had no counter to "the kids will use the force and their daddy will shoot the bad guy." -DM
  17. My local store is having a painting contest for Halloween and i thought i would share my entry, the trick or treat bag and the jackolantern i made out of greenstuff and the the Lich is Rhauga (Reaper #02614) the two kids are minis from Hasslefree. -DM
  18. thanks the yellow plants are just static grass with yellow flock glued on top. -DM
  19. Well today i got a chance to paint after setting up my new painting room so i whipped out a speed paint, this one took just over 40 min and i think he came out alright. -DM
  20. Well i found some more time to paint for fun and so i whipped out Kjell! He was very quick to paint only taking right at a hour and the base was fast to make too and i think he came out well. -DM
  21. Today i was just painting for fun and i love this mini and well Werner Klocke is my favorite sculptor. -DM
  22. This mini painted up for my cousin and his zombie games, He is my style of hero armed to the teeth! -DM
  23. Thanks guys! The leafs on the base came from Scull Craft u can get them in a tin, the log is just a dryad root from a vine that died in my back yard. -DM
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