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  1. Ok, I get your point about Cohesion. That's just that I sometimes play on a 96" x 72" table with multiple deployment area, so splitting a troop in two or more group can pay. I guess it will only ask for some change in the way we play. I'm in France. I would like to have my butt kicked at GenCon, but it won't be for this year ^^ I think i'm gonna use the rules from Warlord 1 for these actions. But the new players coming with warlord 2 won't know them (except for those who played in the tourney at ReaperCon, or will be at GenCon... That's sooo unfair ^^) Will scenarios be available on ReaperGames.com ? Fine, forgot everything I've said : Warlord 2 is perfect ^^ I have to edit some message in different forum now.
  2. I've just receive the book this morning, and after reading it, I have a few question : -I totally agree about most of the change for the game. You wanted to make the game faster, it's done. But by doing this and giving up on all those little rules, like Picking-up Objects, Looting, searching, etc. I wonder if Warlord is any longuer a skirmish game. without that, the more obvious goal in a game is to crush the opponent, or to take control of a location. Will warlord in the near future just become a Battle game ? -No rules for Unit Cohesion ? If I divide my units between fights all over the board, the time to remind which minis are part of the troop I'm activating, I can totally destroy the pace of the game. I can't think about a single reason that explain you choice about that. -And by far the more important : no campaign rules ?!!? The faster the game is, the best it is for campaign. I can only hope to see a new set of campaign rules for warlord (I'll test The Brettinburg Campaign for now, but I want more ^^).
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