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  1. Very nice! HOw long does it take her to make an image like that?
  2. Has anyone played with the idea of swapping out their weapons from CAVs to make a Bellar-joint equiped Cy-bot Mini. Some friends are thinking of adding boom arms and rocket tow-line pods to stock chassis that could on short notice be dropped to rapid equip the standard weapon packs. Scorpions and Gladiator frames are what i am thinking. The Fluff text is for a Breaker/mining company.
  3. FrostShade

    Weapon packs

    Elmers glue or school glue could be used on a Khan as Plating. Some of the new types of this stuff have pigment added. If you put a thin layer on and maybe emboss it with a rivet pattern(I have a battle ship model I never built that may be used for a pattern). If you have the right coating on the CAV before you add the glue it will not lift up the paint off. I have not tried adding pigments to the glue myself but I have some dyes from making candles that I may add to the glue to see if they mix. Since Plating would have to go on and come off this would be a way to do it... say the nite before a battle.
  4. FrostShade

    Weapon packs

    Nearest town is Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. I can't make Con of the North in Feb in MN. If There is any thing in MI or maybe a road trip first week of Feb in Chicago, I would be interested. BTW anyone have any tips on mods to the missile packs of a Scorpion?
  5. FrostShade

    Weapon packs

    Cool, Since they are released I will have to find a way to get them. None of the gaming shops near me have CAV. ??? So I will have to special order from shops down state. I had been hoping to order them though the Reaper online store but they don't have it listed. Can any one tell me what is in the packs? ??? I am trying to keep to BSE and RMI as suppliers to keep army cost down on CAV and let my armored units will the other roles :cool. Only reason I found CAV was I wandering gaming shops and remembered NadinB back on Solaris 7 raving about this game a year or 2 ago. Found the rule book in a RC car shop. We are slowly starting a group out of old BT players that tried the Poka'mech and didn't like it. For now we are just geeked to have new stuff to paint and custom. Glad to meet you all.
  6. FrostShade

    Weapon packs

    What is FLGS? If you have seen them in a store I guess I can special order them but thought it odd that is was not on Reaper online store.
  7. FrostShade

    Weapon packs

    Hello there. Can any one tell me if CAV weapon Packs 1 and 2 (7030 and 7031) have shipped? MIL-NET has it listed but Reaper online store doesn't. MIL-NET shows a DEC 2002 release but no Pic can any one tell me what is in each pack? Thanks Frostshade of the Former Razorless Skulls of Solaris 7 ( Have not came up with a new group name yet)
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