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  1. The is a PDF of Star Wars 5e (D&D) online and Discord. SW5e online!
  2. Hi folks, since lately it has been very hard to find Vallejo Model Color paint. So I would like to replace the Model Colors with any Reaper Paints. So what would be the closest match for these Vallejo Model Colors: Blue (052) 70.925 Red (033) 70.926 Ochre Brown (127) 70.856 Thanks!
  3. So tickets for ReaperCon 2021 go on sale soon, just wondering when hotel rooms will be available?
  4. That's awesome looking, nice color scheme.
  5. Thanks, you all! I really like the picture of the female drow.
  6. Thanks for the info, i'll give Carbon Grey a try.
  7. I am painting a black cloak on a space mouse and wondering if carbon grey (09318) or Noir Black (09289) would be good for highlighting or dry brushing it? Or any other dark grey colors to use. Thanks, Mike
  8. Just wondering what the this year's Reaper T-Shirt going to looklike!
  9. I noticed that there are 2 different Royal Purple Triads (09708 and 09780). Was wondering what is the difference? To me 09780 triad looks more of a reddish purple. Is the triad 09708 more of a bluish purple and if not which triad would be more of a bluish purple. Thanks!
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