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  1. I noticed that there are 2 different Royal Purple Triads (09708 and 09780). Was wondering what is the difference? To me 09780 triad looks more of a reddish purple. Is the triad 09708 more of a bluish purple and if not which triad would be more of a bluish purple. Thanks!
  2. Really like the light browns and light to dark green color scheme!
  3. Yes mostly likely, however most levels are from 1st thru 9th.
  4. There will most likely be some society Starfinder and Pathfinder (2e) from Oklahoma PFS group.
  5. Hi folks my oldest son (Logan) got the dracolisk and want s to paint it as a Tar Dragon. So he wants to know what colors would be good to use. He is thinking of using Charred Brown (09426) or Noir Black (9289) for the main body, maybe Gug Umber (89543) for dry brushing, but he doesn't what colors would be good for the belly and wing membranes. He doesn't want the yellow or whitish colors for that part, more lighter colors of the ones above. Thanks for any help. Mike J
  6. You're Welcome! Looking forward in running again next year!
  7. Need help, I have a promo Rattlesnake Leather (09667) paint from ReaperCon 2016, that is running low. Was wondering if Lonestar Leather (9284) or Rich Leather (9429) be a good replacement for it? I have to order mostly most of my Reaper due to where I live. Thanks Yall!
  8. Was wondering if you can use reaper's brush on sealer or liquitex satin varnish (etc.) with an airbrush? If so do you just pour it in the gravity feed cup, or do you have to mix flow aid or any other medium with it? Thanks!
  9. I'll willing to do 1st edition pathfinder.
  10. I am willing to run three pathfinder (mostly on Thursday).
  11. Is the new web-site going to have the color palette like the old site had?
  12. So will the HD paints (relabeled into the Bones series) in these kits be sold as single also?
  13. Just wondering which GM are running which games at what day and time. I can run mostly all day on Thursday except at 7 pm have a class and have another class at 1 pm on Friday. Thanks Mike J
  14. Looks like the web site for classes is working now, just added another'
  15. Only was able to get one class just a minutes ago, and then can't register for any other. Site goes to check out with no classes to purchase. Web site does not tell if classes are sold out. Frustrating!
  16. I am willing to run some Pathfinder. Mike J
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