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  1. So what's the deal that now we have to pay to play games? Even at most other conventions you just pay the admition fee to get in and able to play. Also I see that Mike Kirk group is not running any Pathfinder or Starfinder so far, and very little D&D 5e?!?!?

  2. Hi folks, since lately it has been very hard to find Vallejo Model Color paint. So I would like to replace the Model Colors with any Reaper Paints.

    So what would be the closest match for these Vallejo Model Colors:

    Blue (052) 70.925

    Red (033) 70.926

    Ochre Brown (127) 70.856


  3. I am painting a black cloak on a space mouse and wondering if carbon grey (09318) or Noir Black (09289)  would be good for highlighting or dry brushing it?

     Or any other dark grey colors to use.                                                                                                              Thanks, Mike

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