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  1. Liquitex and Golden have interference paints that will work for color shift.  I have a green, orange, and green-violet. They are clear acrylic with color flakes. Paint model area with a base color (let dry) then use thin coats of the interference color to get the color shift.

    I use Golden brand and they also have red, blue, gold, and maybe a silver. I have the 1 ounce bottles found at art stores and online.

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  2. There are 2 of the same time slots for the PFS, are the models going to be ran at the same time in different location. Example is Consortium Compact going to run at the Atwill and Englund at the same time? On the Reapercon 2016 game schedule it just said Pathfinder Society TBA.  Having where the location of the each PFS scenarios are at might be helpful for though who might want to sign up for a certain scenario.                               Thanks, Mike J 

  3. Just want to say THANKS to all the Reaper folks for my replacement pieces that were missing or damage from the 1st CAV shipment.                                                                   THANKS!

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  4. Hey folks, plan on painting some old drow miniatures for a friend (he's old school gamer). However not sure to paint the base coat of the drows skin color either the with Dark Elf Skin 09164 or Dark Elf Highlight 09165.


    Also I plan on paint Shaerileth Spider Demoness 03465 and was wondering to use the either Dark Elf Highlight or the Dark Elf Skin for the base coat for the female torso part?  I am was thinking doing the Dark Elf Skin for the female part and either Dark Elf Shadow or Nightshade Purple for the spider part.   Thanks, Mike J

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  5. Good evening folk, looking at some of the MSP, and was wondering if Alien Goo 09294 a yellowish-green color and is Marigold Yellow 9007 a yellowish-orange.   I am looking a necromancy green (negative energy) color and a divine light (positive energy) color.                              Thanks!






  6. Mr Melon was wondering what would the stats be for vibro-blades (swords and knives), laser pistols, and also can we purchase other items like night goggles?

    Rolled 4D6 drop the low die.  Thinking about playing a ranger with 2 laser pistols:

    Here my wood elf stats: STR:15, DEX:16+2=18, CON:15, INT:12, WIS:17+1=18, CHA:12.

    Human stats: STR:13+1=14, DEX:17+1=18, CON:13+1=14, INT:11+1=12, WIS: 17+1=18, CHA:11+1=12.

                                                                                                                               THX, Mike

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  7. I am interested in running 1 or 2 of these: S04-01 Rise Of The Goblin Guild, S03-01 The Frostfur Captives, S03-05 Tide Of Twilight, S03-21 The Temple Of Empyreal, S03-23 The Goblinblood Dead, and S06-01 trail By Machine. I have copies of these Pathfinder Society adventures and all of season 0-5, to run at the Reaper-Con this year. Let me know which ones I should run. All I was wondering if anyone is going to running Shades Of Ice Part II and III, I missed out last year to play them.

    Thanks, Mike J


    Still trying to purchase tickets for the food section (meet and greet), with no luck.  Any info on when we can purchase tickets for the food for the Con?              THX!



    You can have mine. I won't be there until Thursday and have the Gold pass that includes the M&G.

    Thanks ub3r_n3rd, I am going to send Bryan my email. I really appreciate this! Xauhaudoom

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