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  1. There's one Overlord at my LGS that I've been overlooking in favor of other models, but I think your work has changed my mind. I love the color scheme.
  2. These are coming via the challenge to paint and show off CAV mini's in support of the game. Thus they aren't much to show off really, especially as I'm still pretty new at this. Because of that, it should go without saying that any advice, technique, or critique is welcome. (-: Some of the shots are from far off, before I found the "Super Close Up" setting on the camera (no, seriously, that is a setting). A Terran Kikyu of the 83rd Air Expeditionary Detachment. The inspiration here was British Typhoon Squadrons in WWII that originated the "invasion stripes" later adopted at Normandy. I have mostly Citadel paints at this point so that's what I used. Based in Shadow Grey, followed by Asuryan Blue Wash. Cockpit and guns are Boltgun Metal with Chaos Black and Mythril Silver Highlights. Stripes are Skull White/Chaos Black. Underside in Ivory (Reaper). Paneling picked out with Fire Orange highlights. Two Terran Ryoshi of the 7th Legion (Desert Rats), 11th Hussar Manipole, Century "C" (The Sphynx's) Inspired by the Desert Rats and the Afika Corps of WWII. Based in Shadow Grey and then Darksun Foundation. Camo is Vomit Brown and Griffin Tan (Reaper). Highlights are Fire Orange Ink, Chaos Black, and Boltgun Metal. Topped it off with a Dark Flesh Ink to differentiate the camo shades a little better.
  3. The Centurion does, but the Flail looks like a mobile light tower for playing pick up football games. But since there is no Open Market Fire Support Vehicles, I guess you're stuck with it. (-:
  4. There's alot of discussion about that on the first page of the Rage Chronicles 08 thread stickied at the top. On the first page of that thread, someone gives a capsule summary of the rule here. The Mil-Net guy never disagrees, so that would appear to be the answer. In other words, what he says is: With the doctrine, in a 2000 point game, a player could field up to 2200 points, with at least 200 and no more than 400 of those being on strikes.
  5. Greetings all, I'm a new player and looking to build up a solid first force for my own learning of the rules and hopefully drawing some others in as well. I have the starter kit arriving at the end of the week, and may be a few old mecha I could use as proxies, but also my local store has a few odds and ends left over on clearance. Any tips on what I should pick up? Also, how important should True Scale be to me? I wanted to only go TS originally, but theres some good deals on earlier non-TS transports at the store. Are there any concerns with playing non-TS models? Here's what blister packs left on the clearence rack: True Scale: Heavy Mortar Team Medium Mortar Team x2 Chieftain H-Tank Ryoshi AFV Hedgehog Non True Scale: Badger Hedgehog x 3 Faction True Scale Available: Baron (Adon) Dragoon (Adon) Overlord (Adon) Scarab (Adon) Recluse (Adon) Wolverine (Ritterlich) Faction Not True Scale: Hornet (Adon) Ashigaru (Terran) Of course I'll buy others, I just wondered which of these good deals (most are 50% off) I should snatch up. (-: For full disclosure, I already picked up a Heavy Mortar Team blister (3 stands I think) and a Kikyu True Scale. ETA: Adjusted the placement of the Recluse in learning they are True Scale.
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