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  1. Hey, closer than I was. Ended up trashing my original basing idea, b/c I came up with something better I want to try. I want to get these mailed before tax day - that's the goal. Sorry for the delay! ~OT
  2. getting closer. hope to finish this weekend on paints, then base and dullcote next.
  3. Figs arrived yesterday, will clean and prime today.
  4. Acknowledging that I'm painting for Mark, and that he's not game for historicals. For my stuff my request would be: - no fantasy please Thanks Mark for running this, and mercoutlaw for what I'm sure will be an awesome squad! ~OT
  5. Looking good, Katie! What's your blonde hair recipe? I love it on this mini. I'm also interested in the base, what did you do there? Hi Badocter, this is Werner Klocke's Jolie. ~OT
  6. I'm with Inarah on this one. Great table minis, lots of character, good mastery of the key skills: smooth even coats, nice lining and good highlighting. I really like the warm tan used on the Klocke knight, which is still available here by the by. Keep'em comin'. ~OT
  7. Depending on the timescale, I'd be game. I've just gotten into painting squads. Are we going to do the typical exchange thing where we send suggestions, or what? ~OT
  8. Decided to try my hand at army painting, mainly to get my speed up. Each piece was getting exponentially longer to complete as I felt more and more compelled to fix "just one more thing". So far this month, I've finished a squad of five, lets call them armored galactic shock troops, and the next squad of 5 will be finished painting tonight and basing tomorrow. Also, trying my hand at table terrain. 3 urban barricades (rubble, barb wire, girders) and 1 stand of autumnal birch trees, complete. ~OT
  9. Hi and welcome to the forums! I'm really a fan of your palette choices here. I tend to prefer 'realistic' muted tones like those you are using over the more cartoony bright colors you often see. Good clean work, nice 'character' for these. ~OT
  10. Picked up Bob Ridolfi's rather amazing 50176: Sugar, Anime Heroine last night. Prepped, cleaned, primed and base coating now. How's everyone else doing? ~OT
  11. I could use this - been so busy lately I've fallen off the wagon. I'm in if at all possible. OT
  12. Hey Merc, looking great so far. In terms of 'what's too deep' I think what people are saying is that if you assume a zenith light source, and you look at say his spine, you'd expect the small of his back to be darker (deeper) than the area between his shoulders. It could be a camera thing, but here it looks like one continuous shadow color. Same deal with your next round of highlights, focus on the tops of things (head and shoulders) to bring them up just a tad more. Now, that's all assuming that's the lightsource you're going for, so if you have other ideas, go with those! As for advice on glazes, I'd say if its covering either its too thick still, or you're leaving too much on the brush. I'd probably try to thin, even if it seems the same as the other was you're using. I've had various colors need more or less thinning, but Ican't think of a time I've had bad results from going thinner - it just slows you down as you have to wait to dry between coats. Keep it up man, watching this one with interest!
  13. A Nice one! You might give a quick midtone wash over it just to smooth some of those blends on the skin and swordblade. It shouldn't take to long, and it could give you a leg up on the sale price to boot. fun piece! ~OT
  14. Loving the red on this, really velvety. A great quick paintup Merc.
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