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  1. Thanks everyone! The hat is a combination of the Bones browns starting with Charred Brown for the deep shadows and working up with Nut Brown, Saddle Brn, Rich Leather, and Polished Leather. The last color was Tanned Leather (MSP). The paint was stippled on with an raggedy old oil painting brush. The idea was to depict worn leather. The jacket was painted with the Highland Moss triad with Linen White added for the lighter areas. These colors were also stippled on with the oil painting brush. The idea was to create the look of worn, faded green velvet. In bot
  2. Sea Storm is a resin female pirate bust from Altores Studios in 1/9th scale. The piece is basically the head/body, the hat, pipe, and a loop earring. I replaced the earring with copper wire. Apart from some mold trash where the coat and torso meet, there were no major issues. Primed with my dwindling supply of Floquil Railroad Colors' Gray Primer and painted with Reaper acrylics. Questions and Comments welcomed... ain't no secrets here. Glen
  3. Thanks all. Normally, mudding them up like this isn't my thing. I like to do what I call technical representations - scratches, scrapes, chipping, fluid stains, faded paint, and the dust and dirt of a dry summer day. This one was an exception because the markings and paint scheme were specific to the Ardennes in Dec '44. That said, Ordnance 8 will also have a mud treatment as well due it being in the late fall of '44. Still mulling the piles of external stowage...
  4. This is Tamiya's 1/35th scale Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer. The vehicle was based on the Pzkpfw IV tank's lower hull with a new turret-less 75mm L70 gun. The gun had limited traverse and elevation. The vehicle was produced from late 1944 to nearly the end of the war. The kit was built mostly out-of-the-box with only and added headlight wire, tool latches, and jack block and rear towing pintle retaining chains added. Airbrushed Panzer Dark Yellow with brushed on Red-Brown and Dark Green camo. The red and green were left a bit patchy to simulate being quickly painted by the crew. I used the the
  5. This is also the bust that is used in my RC Painting Hair and Makeup class. The casting is a bit rough in spots and yours truly gets to clean all of them up before priming...
  6. Zen and the Art of Painting Miniatures. Ommmmmmmm...
  7. Ah, I get it now. I found the Ausf M above. I've built Tam's Pzkpfw III Ausf L myself - eastern front Panzer Grey. Basically out of the box + 10%. What Panther are you working on?
  8. So far, so good... Outside of the gun breech, Tamiya doesn't normally include interiors in closed top AFVs. They leave that for the aftermarket. Not sure how far you're going with this, but drill out the MG barrels if you haven't done so. I can't tell. Turret-mounted smoke mortars seem to have been rare on this variant, but weren't completely unknown. They were more common on the Ausf M, the short barreled Ausf N, and Ausf K command tanks. If you want to go nuts, add the cable leads (thin copper wire) at the back of the mortar barrels, twist them together,
  9. Thanks. Subtle makeup is your friend...
  10. Some progress. I've painted the dress and hood a blue-green - complement to the red-orange hair. The neckline and hood have silver stripes on the, but they're not readily apparent here. The dragon is painted a dark violet - a second split complement/triad to the dress color. The fire surrounding the dragon is basically a mix of Adamantium (a metallic black) and Blackened Steel, while the flame tips are Scorched Metal darkened with more Adamantium. It's what I'm calling Black Fire. Black Fire casts little light. I have my reasons... the box art shows the dragon bathed in green fire. The entire
  11. I've mocked up the figure so I could work on the house. It's a brown stone... I've fixed the face (pics later) and started to paint her dress/cowl. It's a bit catch-as-catch can. Good weather means yardwork and I ain't gettin' any younger...
  12. Pioneer and maintenance tools were included with the tank. Rations and crew stuff were from the quartermaster. Or a wrecked wine shop. Vive l'France!
  13. Tank you both! I do get called out on the lack of stowage thing sometimes. Appropriate for dios, but I like to show the technical aspects of the vehicle. I don't mud them up for the same reason. Call me a rebel...
  14. Aaaaand, we're done! I've added the .50 cal MG, the rear exhaust diffuser (the grill thing) and stowage rack and a few more scrapes and scratches, dusty washes, and chalks. I'm thinking April 1945 here and few dry days, so no mud packed into the running gear. It's also devoid of stowage, which I prefer, but may add later. Maybe... Qs and Cs welcomed.
  15. I would agree; which is why I thinned the lower lash line right after I posted the pic. Great minds think alike... The upper lash is a bit more problematic. If you look at the face close-up in the first batch of pics you can see the upper 'lash' is a large zig-zag shape. I'm still not totally sure if this represents lashes or something else. I lean towards the former, so it was painted as such. Remember, one of the purposes behind eye makeup is to make the eyes bigger. Maybe in the this case, a bit too big... As for the hair color; it's the basic Carrot Top triad + Fire Orange (app
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