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    Little British sports cars, painting historical - and more recently, gaming - miniatures, Middle East and military history.

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  1. GlenP

    Pre-Painting Prep

    Burnishers, yes! I've used sewing needles - hard steel - to burnish some raised rough(ish) surfaces. Also handy for polishing armor on assorted metal knights, men-at-arms, etc. I use Aves Apoxie Sculpt to fill dings and smooth the putty with a wet finger before it cures. Sanding is minimal.
  2. GlenP

    Pre-Painting Prep

    Since you asked.... 1. Give the figure a quick wash with dishwashing soap and warm water. 'Dawn' is a favorite. Rinse thoroughly. Let air dry or use a blow dryer. 2. Fill any pits or voids in the surface and sand/file smooth. 3. Remove all mold seams - even the fine ones. This is less important for a gaming piece; pretty much mandatory for painting competition. Use a knife blade, sanding twigs, or fine files. Tight spaces are always a PITA; work it as best you can. Deep shadow can be your friend... 4. Multi-part pieces often require building and painting in layers, so assemble any separate parts that do not interfere with painting. 5. Remove the construction seams resulting from the above. Again, less important for gaming pieces... 6. Straighten any bent parts (I'm looking at you Bones' spear shafts...). 7. Wash and dry the piece again to remove your skin oil and other assorted detritus. 8. Seal and/or prime - thin coats to prevent obscuring detail. HTH.
  3. This is the resin bust for the upcoming hair and makeup class at ReaperCon. It's a bit under two inches tall. Standard MSP paints for the hair and flowers. The skin tones are the new Bones paints - Ruddy to Pale Flesh. Cross posted to the ReaperCon forum.
  4. GlenP

    Hair and Makeup Class Bust

    This is the resin bust for the upcoming hair and makeup class at ReaperCon. It's a bit under two inches tall. Standard MSP paints for the hair and flowers. The skin tones are the new Bones paints - Ruddy to Pale Flesh. Glen
  5. GlenP

    ReaperCon Flat Class Figure - Painted

    It's the new flat for the flat painting class. Not yet available to the genpub... maybe at RC. Not sure about what dark forces might be coming out of Ron's office. Don't forget the chocolate... Glen
  6. 75mm tall, 4mm thick. Reaper MSP Acrylics and the new(ish) Bones Flesh tones. Not a specific character and there's no backstory, so the sky's the limit as far as colors go. Cross posted to the ReaperCon forum as well. Cheers, Glen
  7. GlenP

    Flat Painting Class - New Flat

    Painted! Reaper MSP Acrylics and the new(ish) Bones Flesh tones. Cheers, Glen
  8. Hi everyone. There is a new figure for ReaperCon's flat painting class - a 75mm warrior babe cast in metal. It is not (yet) available for general sale. Enjoy. Cheers, Glen
  9. GlenP

    eyeball alternatives - techniques

    The vertical stripe method described is the go to method for those with less than perfect eyes and steady hands. However, there is a company called Archer Transfers which makes a variety of eyeball decals in various scales starting at 54mm and working up to 1/6. The eyes are standard and anime style. They also have tattoos and uniform insignia in various scales. Cheers, Glen
  10. Yes. Flats in various forms, have been around for centuries, but came into their own as the original 30mm toy soldier. The traditional flat is engraved in a block of slate and cast in white metal. Flats cover all eras of human history, both military and civilian and assorted nationalities. There are also sci-fi and fantasy pieces. The scales range from 28/30mm to 120mm. Reaper currently makes one flat - a 54mm Elf Ranger. The Sophie Xmas ornament is flat-ish, but is closer to demi-ronde/bas-relief. Pics below; all have been posted before. There are two flat painting classes at Reapercon.
  11. GlenP

    Ordnance 4 - Japanese Type 97 Tank

    Don't forget to tip your waiter! Thanks all! Looking at starting Tamiya's new M3 Stuart tank in North Africa (faded OD paint+lots of light tan/gray dust). It'll be Ordnance 5 unless I sneak something else in here. Also working on a scratch-built naughty female elf flat. Copious amounts of dwarf ale are involved.
  12. Here's another bit of ordnance - a WW II Japanese Type 97 Shinhoto Chi Ha Tank from Tamiya. 1/35 scale, all plastic, with flexible tracks. The kit dates back to the 80s. Fairly easy cleanup and assembly. Paashe VL airbrush and Tester's Model Master, et al, paints. Colored pencils for the paint chips, scratches, abrasions, etc. Reaper acrylics for the various oil, gas, dirt, and dust stains. Finished off with chalk pastels (old school). The base is a cutup, sanded, and stained oak plank from Home Depot. Name plate from a local trophy shop. Now everyone can join in the fun in RC's Ordnance Category. Qs and Cs welcomed. Glen
  13. GlenP

    Setting the brushes aside for a bit...

    Thanx all. I thought the headlight reflections came out well. The hardest part was painting the air in the tires... through the valve stems.
  14. ...because Spring has sprung! I don't get in it; I put it on... '72 MG Midget
  15. Team comps are common in IPMS (International Plastic Modeler's Society) shows. The teams are usually club-based. They can cover any variety of subjects - planes, military vehicles, ships, figures, Star Wars, hot rods, etc. Wrangling the participants and keeping everyone on track can be like herding cats...