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    Does this make me a Brony? Rainbow Unicorn

    Thanks everyone. The title is meant to be comical because a friend of mine commented that way when I posted it on my FB page. Please do not take offense because it is not meant that way. Thanks again for the comments
  2. A Hackmaster friend of mine is playing the Rainbow Healer. It is a human cleric who is very flamboyant and decided to dye his armor in the colors of the rainbow. He inspired this paint job, although there are a few posted in the inspiration thread. This is my first mini posted to the forums, so please be gentle. It was primed in Pure White. Shadowed in Leather White, and highlighted in Pearl White. Obviously the colors of the rainbow were used throughout as well.
  3. Please, before any rips me a new one for not doing a little research, "Does anyone have a Vampire spreadsheet?" I have seen many that have a complete list of all the minis available, but not one that can be inventoried for the minis that just come in the Vampire List; no buyable add-ons, just a list of minis that come in the Vampire Level and all add-ons that come with it due to reaching a specific money level. Again, NO BUYABLE ADD-ONS, To be honest, I am getting too old and lazy to look at a screen and try to match pictures to a mini. That's what all of you young people are for Lol... Please any help would be excellent. My biggest concern is whether the Vampire level includes the minis from 77001 - through 77059? I pulled up a nice list and I understand that the italicized names are special and did not come in the Vamp level such as 77103 - 77116 and 77177 - 77194 (these can be bought but not included amongst others) Again any help would be excellent.. Thank you VERY MUCH
  4. Am I also correct in stating that the Vampire level starts at 77001 and continues through 77196, minus the specials, but including the Chronoscope and Pathfinder (89002 - 89015)?
  5. Thanks JeffStray. EXACTLY what I was looking for
  6. Hiyas all, I just recently received my Undertaker package and I must say that I am impressed with what I see from the Bones line. I see many different spreadsheets and lists for the Vampire level so people can inventory, but what aout a spreadsheet for the Undertaker alone. It states that it includes 4 x the first 59 bones miniatures. What were/are the first 59 miniatures? If anyone can help or give some insight, I would greatly appreciate it.. Thanks
  7. I have seen a decline in orders shipped in the last week or so. Well over 1k+ down in the 800's. Patiently waiting, but my patience are going to have to have patience soon
  8. Can you send me an army of goblins while we wait? I need to get a bunch painted up for our Hackmaster slaughter ASAP. I was truly hoping to have them by the end of May or even Early to mid June, but understandably, S*#t happens. But seriously, send me a goblin army now please....
  9. Wannabe

    Bones Display at ReaperCon

    There was a copy of Wyrmgear on the Dragons Knight Out table. I hope the tape measure is clear enough to get an idea of the size. More pictures of this table and some Warlord games have been uploaded to the ImageShack album I created yesterday. Dragons Knight Out is a tremendous set of tables based on a simple premise: Eventually Dragons get tired of waiting in their lairs for Kniggets to turn up. Therefore eight or ten Dragons form an adventuring party (of Dragons!) and go look for a fat, juicy, town to pillage and some nice crunchy knights to munch on. It is a walk-up participation game where each player controls a Dragon raiding a town full of loot (loot!), sheep (snacks), bolt throwers (pests), and kniggets (crunchy snacks). Great picture.. Can someone please tell me what mini line the big Ogre in the background is from please? Would love to get my hands on that guy.