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  1. Does Reaper do commissions? WardCo. is about to re-release our main game, and I am looking at having a special miniature created to mark the occasion. I was looking at a mutant ape, with six arms and eyes. Would Reaper be interested in handling this, and if so, what sort of cost could I expect to need to pay? Thanks, Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  2. I'd be keen to see a few more modern accessories, such as a briefcase, laptop, PDA, Tablet, mobile phone a vacuum cleaner etc. Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  3. Here's a couple more :) I think one of these is an old Grenadier miniature, but am not certain. The next miniature that I am sending the Scott is this one: We'll add some stuff to it to make it suitable for sci-fi gaming :) Craig J. Brain
  4. Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I last posted here. I've been working overseas for a spell, and while I was away, a friend of mine finished painting and/or converting a few miniatures for me. Yes, I know the turtle is a Eureka figure, but some of the pieces added are from Reaper :) Craig J. Brain
  5. This is a really exciting release. I haven't looked forward to the release of any miniature, as much as I am this one. What date can we expect to be able to place an order for it? I am putting pocket money aside for it right now - it's perfect for crushing robots! :) Craig J. Brain
  6. This looks really good! I love the modular design - that makes putting in water features etc a snap too :) I just went to my local Games Workshop for a visit and saw their new modular boards - at $450.00 Australian for four boards - this set up looks even more attractive :) Craig J. Brain
  7. I'd love to see a "tentacled horror" that can grab characters and drag them into the swamp or lake etc. You could have optional eye stalks, beaks, maws etc. Each horror could be unique :)
  8. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'll have to look into that guitar string idea :) Craig J. Brain I just found some info on metal guitar strings and they are exactly what I am after :) A little touchup with a Dremel and I have my robot arms ready for the addition of some grapples etc. Thanks very much, Craig J. Brain
  9. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'll have to look into that guitar string idea :) Craig J. Brain
  10. I'd like to see a tool conversion pack. Wrenches Screw drivers Pliers Drill Spanners Wrecking bar Hammer Multimeter Stanley knife Just a few ideas. Craig J. Brain
  11. I thought that I had looked all over for a conversion pack. Would you happen to have a link? Thanks very much, Craig J. Brain
  12. Hi all! I have just picked up some miniatures for conversion and want to add some extra robotic tentacle arms (like Marvel's Doctor Octopus). Does anyone here have any suggestions for creating some of these? Thanks, Craig J. Brain
  13. I have some of these, and my only complaint is the size - I found them too small for what I wanted. However, they make up for that in numbers :) Craig J. Brain
  14. I'd love to see your conversions, I've got these ones :) Craig J. Brain
  15. I'd also like to see some sci-fi credit chips in different denominations.
  16. I am looking at conversions of some of the Reaper figures that I have picked up and realized that nobody does improvised weapons, such as clubs made from parking meters, or traffic lights. Shields made from stop signs or rubbish bin lids, or bits of tyre armor that can be added to miniatures to give the an immediate post-apocalyptic look. Just a thought. Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  17. These guys might fit the bill. Unfortunately they are resin, but a pretty decent product anyway :) Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  18. Wetsanding? Yep, I'll give that a go :) BTW, the CMOS article on mushrooms is brilliant, and I'm going to use that technique to add mid-sized mushrooms to my collection. This should help give some depth to the forest that I plan to create :) Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  19. Simon, I'd be happy to! I'll take a few pictures on the next one I do and post it when I get back next week. Thanks for the explanation of CMON, I'll have to check that out. Craig J. Brain
  20. Thanks for the tip! What's CMON? Craig J. Brain
  21. Hi! Thanks for the links and the suggestions. I've got some ideas now for proceeding over the weekend :) Here's an EM-4 miniature trooper and a couple of old Grenadier figures for an idea of scale: When I get my other Reaper figures, I'll post an update with those for scale. Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  22. I am getting better with a bit of practice: 50 of these won't take long at all! Craig J. Brain
  23. Simon, Thanks for the suggestion and feedback :) I am looking at trying to sculpt something that looks like this: Can you suggest anything? What other sorts of fungus are you talking about? Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  24. I've started to practice making fungi and experiment with techniques, using DAS, which I figure is cheaper than Knead It or Green Stuff. Here's my first trial mushrooms: Given the ease with which I manufactured these, I may forego the casting proocess altogether and just make about 50 of these! My plan is to have a big battle amongst the giant fungi, and I'm going to need a stack of these bad boys. I also need to do up a few pieces that resemble brain coral, as an intelligent fungi. Any suggestions for sculpting that? Thanks, Craig J. Brain
  25. I'd love to see a four-armed mutant (male and female miniatures). I have also found that there is no manufacturer making giant fungi, suitable for creating a fungi forest like in Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Go figure! Things are so grim on the fungi front, I've started sculpting my own! Craig J. Brain WardCo.
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