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  1. Simon, Thanks for the suggestion and feedback :) I am looking at trying to sculpt something that looks like this: Can you suggest anything? What other sorts of fungus are you talking about? Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  2. I've started to practice making fungi and experiment with techniques, using DAS, which I figure is cheaper than Knead It or Green Stuff. Here's my first trial mushrooms: Given the ease with which I manufactured these, I may forego the casting proocess altogether and just make about 50 of these! My plan is to have a big battle amongst the giant fungi, and I'm going to need a stack of these bad boys. I also need to do up a few pieces that resemble brain coral, as an intelligent fungi. Any suggestions for sculpting that? Thanks, Craig J. Brain
  3. I'd love to see a four-armed mutant (male and female miniatures). I have also found that there is no manufacturer making giant fungi, suitable for creating a fungi forest like in Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Go figure! Things are so grim on the fungi front, I've started sculpting my own! Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  4. Gents, Thanks! I'll add it to my cart and await payday! Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  5. I seem to have hit a snag trying to order this figure through the online catalogue. It appears in the latest Casketworks, but not on the site. Has the figure been withdrawn from sale or is there an error of some sort? Thanks very much, Craig Brain WardCo.
  6. Joshua, Thanks very much for that! I'll keep an eye out for it, or failing that, use a few old packs from a couple of other figures. I really like these little fellows :) Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  7. Thankyou for the kind words and generous offer. I can't claim credit for this work - this was done for me by a friend (Scott Linz, a talented local Australian sculptor and painter). He's the fellow I hired to paint a lot of the miniatures I used in the book. I'm colorblind and fear the results of my own handiwork :) I'll ask Scott to keep some photos so I can post them here. Scott, for all his talents, doesn't use the internet much! Reaperbryan, I'll talk to Jim Ward, my business partner, and then email you shortly after that. Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  8. Okay, Here's the picture I promised :) I think that the Werewolf converted well to a Wolfoid, and am looking at a stack of other Reaper fantasy miniatures that will be terrific for this game. Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  9. Androids. I was looking at commissioning some Androids through Eureka (in Australia - since I'm Australian), but would love to see you guys produce some Androids, like the classic faceless ones in Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha. There are plenty of people who would find those useful. Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  10. I am one of the current publishers of Metamorphosis Alpha and have just picked up a stack of Reaper miniatures for use "as is" or to be converted for some post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Previously I picked up 02872 Jean-Paul Duchamps Werewolf and had a a rife and a bandolier of grenades added onto it to make a Wolfoid, which turned out really well. I'll take a new picture and post it some time shortly. I am currently in the process of hiring a professional to convert and paint a few more miniatures from Reaper for me. Is there any interest here in seeing the results? Craig J. Brain WardCo.
  11. Hi! I've just picked up 50015 : Tool Bots (3) and am really impressed. These will be a terrific addition to my game. However I do have one suggestion: All three of the toolbots have a plug on the back to take a backpack, but only one backpack is included. Why not include two more or remove two of the plugs? Craig J. Brain WardCo.
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