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  1. Bumble_B

    ReaperCon Cosplay

    Is the theme "Sci Fi" or "Vintage Sci Fi" ? Make a fairly large difference as far as trying to create a costume.
  2. Bumble_B

    2014 Feedback

    who would I email in regards to suggestions/concerns about Reapercon? I'd rather not discuss aspects in a public forum.
  3. I just started making Reuben Sandwich's from scratch! They are deeeeeelish! So awesome we both started something new.
  4. Bumble_B

    2014 Warlord Tournament Miniature

    Thank goodness this will be available for purchase. I like this miniature a lot. I would hate to embarass myself at Warlord just to get a mini :)
  5. Bumble_B

    Modify Itinerary?

    Is there a way to modify your gaming itinerary? I had signed up for one of the special games, and it overlaps with other plans that I did not see. Is there a way to release my seat/spot back into the que so someone else can take? Thanks!
  6. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    Awwesome. Thanks for the update :)
  7. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    Sad panda :( Thanks for all the responses.
  8. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    Does the 4 day pass at the door still nab u a goody bag? And how much is 4 day pass at the door?
  9. Bumble_B

    Too late?

    To purchase 4 day passes? I looked on site and couldnt find link to purchase. Purhaps its just my phone playing tricks on me.
  10. Bumble_B

    pick-up at Reapercon?

    Where do I sign up? I'd love to be able to pick up my vampires at the con, and wait patiently for the rest :)
  11. Bumble_B

    Indiegogo - Drake

    Ya I found this elsewhere and then saw it here. I posted on another forum my thoughts, so I'll just copy that here. I’m torn. I really want to get into something like this and have always believed something like this was possible and could be successful. Unfortunately I haven’t seen someone pull it of right yet. Everything seems in place but a gameplay walkthrough or a demo game video, perhaps broken up into smaller videos. I need to see this in action before laying down the money, for something that honestly hasn’t been done yet. Few other concerns are the 100 price point for the starter , but I could manage if i believe in it. Also the game using tape measure where I would think something of this type would be more suited for a large grid system of some type, as it already has cards your going to want to keep in your hand a lot too. I just need to be sold with gaming, and while the first video has got my interest, it hasn’t done the job of taking my money. /CrossesFingers Here’s hopin
  12. Bumble_B

    Guild Wars 2

    Gates of Madness Norn Warrior here
  13. Bumble_B

    Kickstarter Discussion Thread

  14. Honestly think the bones line has completely hooked me. I went to the store and grabbed a bugbear just to test the paint with no primer, the detail, bendyness .... all the claims. All true. I have to say, im ready to trade a bunch of my pewter stuff for some lighter, more forgiving cheaper bones.
  15. Bumble_B

    Kickstarter Discussion Thread

    Grats on the one meeeeeellion Reaper! Cant wait to see what can be done with this line.