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  1. Does anyone have the replacement colors for, or a simple mixing recipe to get two discontinued colors?

    I am swinging back around to an old army and it appears the paints I originally used are no longer in production.


    Desert Tan

    Sandy Yellow


    Thanks a ton in advance!


  2. Is there a way to modify your gaming itinerary? I had signed up for one of the special games, and it overlaps with other plans that I did not see. Is there a way to release my seat/spot back into the que so someone else can take? 



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  3. Ya I found this elsewhere and then saw it here. I posted on another forum my thoughts, so I'll just copy that here.



    I’m torn.

    I really want to get into something like this and have always believed something like this was possible and could be successful. Unfortunately I haven’t seen someone pull it of right yet.

    Everything seems in place but a gameplay walkthrough or a demo game video, perhaps broken up into smaller videos.


    I need to see this in action before laying down the money, for something that honestly hasn’t been done yet.


    Few other concerns are the 100 price point for the starter , but I could manage if i believe in it.


    Also the game using tape measure where I would think something of this type would be more suited for a large grid system of some type, as it already has cards your going to want to keep in your hand a lot too.

    I just need to be sold with gaming, and while the first video has got my interest, it hasn’t done the job of taking my money.


    /CrossesFingers Here’s hopin

  4. I don't ever get to play in these things but they are always entertaining to swing by and watch. The tables .... Wow... They were amazing. Someones gotta post some good pictures of thos killer tables.


    now ... What was the mini this year?! I'm dying to know.


    and thanks to ian for finding me an alt axehelm mini! You are my hero!

  5. Thanks for another great con. We had a blast even with just our two days. We met some great people and had a ton of fun playing in the process.


    Thanks to the 2 ladys who took the time to do the metal tradein on Sunday.

  6. Haldir,


    Sorry, but I don't have your name/face associated with your handle here. I'm James Pfaffengut - very short brown hair and beard, glasses, 6 ft or so, 200 lbs. Hope that helps. I'll have my squares at the Con today (and I'll be there thru Sun if we don't connect today.







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  7. At one point, as I stood in my piratey finery, enjoying the con's ambience, a pretty lady ran up to me. She said, "You're Doctor Bedlam! They said you have a tool! Can you drill me?"


    And then she thrust her dinosaur at me.


    lol I had to think about that one. Lovely taken out of context. lol :blush:

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