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  1. Man are those regular size?!?!?
  2. Flippin awesome! Another company that will woo me into spending more money!
  3. Wow that is awesome. If anyone ever wants to get rid of either of theirs plz contact me before doing so. I'd love to have them. And for that matter if anyone is willing to part with this years too. I can't attend con on Friday and have a class at 4 on Saturday (not to mention my wife would kill me if i left her to pirate the con alone to go play in the tourney). Dang you new job! Dang you!! /Shakes fist Thanks for that info on the minis guys.
  4. Took this class last year and its very helpful. I still refer back to Dereks handouts. My first year was loaded down with classes and I was doing really well until I got into Jeremie Bonamants class. His painting style, speed, and skill is like noone else's. My brain melted and i came out of his class in a daze. Everyone was like "Are you alright? What Happened?!" I could barely mumble "Jeremie ... " as people just nodded and laughed, like it was my fault for not reading a nonexistent warning label on his class.
  5. So you artists that seem to throw minis away .. are you actually throwing them in the garbage? or are you just sticking them in the scrap heap to be melted down at Reapercon?
  6. do this minis have actual reaper #s? I love the axehelm. I'm a sad monkey I missed out.
  7. Well I love the way the new face turned out with the larger pupils. and to spend only 8hours on that piece, ya im jealous. That poor skunk prob deficating himself seeing that plus the dwarf gunning for him! Lol Thanks for the update.
  8. Wait what!?!?! How have I never heard of this?!!? Killin me! I love Axehelm .. anyone have a pic of last years mini? That's it .. I'm joining the Tulsa crew ... who do i give my money too?
  9. OK I see what's going on now. So my first take was a little off. I see how he is turning in the air. It looks far better. I am still a little put off by a few things, I think the neck length or size is throwing me off still. And I see what you did with the first image (photoshopped?), the moving on the mini, and the enlarging of the eyes. I'm not sure if a simple tweaking of just those few things would be enough to make the piece come together. He looks like he is getting ready to fall off his base now. The way the body is moving to the side kinda turning, the changes I had originally stated wouldnt fit without alot of redo's/ resculpts of different aspects of the mini. I do however like the enlarging of the black parts in the eyes that were done in the first image. I like that aspect much more, but everyones views are different. It's def something im going to have to consider when doing mine. I can't wait. Much thanks for the extra angles on the photos and i just gotta ask ..... what's with the skunk?
  10. Don't be jealous Phil. I still think your brush can cure cancer
  11. Man you are both brave. I think I did something similar the first year I was at Reapercon and my brain was moosh at the end. One to two classes each con seems to be the right spot for me to enjoy everything going on. My wife has done the "How not to suck" on Saturday at 4 and I have the "Good Fast Painting" with Derek @ 4 on Saturday also.
  12. If it was just me going to Reapercon for 4 days, I'd accept that painting challenge. Alas, I am a weekend Reaperconer and have my wife to think about also. I personally can't wait to see it in person, or some more photos on it. I will apologize for my initial overabundance of negativity. The model, in it's current state, just doesn't do it for me, and to come on the board ranting about it doesn't honestly help anything or anyone. Martin is an exceptional artist and my hat off to him for conquering this beast.
  13. Ya i was spamming that thing like "Why isnt it in my cart yet!?! Nooooooooooooo!!" It's ok. I took a class with Derek last year and ya he a stellar dude. I learned a ton in that class and really appreciate his work and style he brings to the hobby. I honestly don't know what I would have done for an hour anywho. I would have said .. "can you just blend colors and I'll watch for the next hour .. thanks ".. lol It's all in good fun :)
  14. lol Can't wait to see that years Reapercon Sophie
  15. I got 2 of the 3 things I was shooting for. Can't complain. I can however taunt the fowl person that stole my one on one session from me ... you sons of a silly person!
  16. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elder berries! gah!
  17. I have a feeling this will be a popular mini at Reapercon just to see what can be done with it. Whether it's the sculpt, or the paint; I can't figure out what's off, I just know it is. It's got a flippin dwarf on it!! ... I must avenge his oddness with miniature tweaking!!
  18. I was either going to go with or For the eyes/face. Something more looming and battle worthy. The head will probably need to be repositioned downward and forward, as well as the front claws to give him more of an attack look and to match the face/eyes. Being that it's pewter I'm not sure how easy that is going to be to accomplish, let alone balance. It will be fun trying. The base is amazing and I will have to steal it if you dont mind. I didnt recognize it at all. The detail work on the feathers ... ya, No way I'm going to be able to pull that off. Good stuff. Just the shock of it not being a scary butt hawkish gryphon threw me off. Everyone has a different take on it though. Thanks!
  19. Now that I have taken the time to plan my attack on this mini, I think my main gripes are the paint job itself. Just the look of fear on the owls face as if it's going to hit the side of a mountain scared me. I've been looking forward to this mini, and I think with a little tweeking it can be top of the line. Bring it.
  20. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/14637 Why is this poor dwarf riding on an Owl thing? If I was a dwarf I'd be embarrased to be riding on that thing. And what material is that thing made of? That a new bones mini? I love the base and the way it interacts with the mini but I can't see this working very well with pewter. It's a big mini to be at such a cheap price, so I'm leaning toward bones. I need to know more ... i need more angles ... i JUST NEED MORE!! /EndDrunkenDwarfRant
  21. I'm going to stock up on bones minis for JUST that reason
  22. Ninja painters. So many around ........or are there .....
  23. Love it. Superb mini. I really like the battlescar look of the armor. Good stuff.
  24. Getting there with costume. Sold most my worthy minis this year so won't have anything for contest :( Funds are good. Time off ... well .... starting new job and moving on the 16th ... hope they understand my miniature needs lol ....
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