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  1. First off, great mini. Love what you did with it, and the patience it took to do all those buckles is beyond what I would have done. The black lining brings out a lot of the detail and I love the base. Did you paint the grass that way? The wood and the gold/bronze on the staff looks good too. Over all spectacular, and much better than anything I could do. My constructive feedback, 1) Eyes. I think you got them looking to the side but they do look like they are off. Maybe not level? It might be just the mini. His right eye (if im looking at the mini) looks like it might need to look a little more to the left. I can't tell from the angle of the pictures. 2) Armor. The NMM looks like it wasn't finished. Maybe going darker and then the highlights up to that color used? The armor just looks all grey. 3) Spear tip. Same of armor suggestion, but less. I can see the NMM working on the spear tip and I see the seperate colors where I can't on the armor. Maybe making the contrast a little more to make it pop? 4) Purple cape thing. I love the color and I see the blending. Taking the cape up a few more shades on the highlights would really make that cape thing sing. I don't want my suggestions to take away from the mini because you did an awesome job and all the above suggestions are really me just being picky. I suck at painting, so take it for what it's worth.
  2. Man that is sick. I love the way the blood gives that effect in the snow. Unbelievable job!
  3. Two words: Screw that! Your painting is awesome and I bow down to you for taking the time to do them all. If someone was to come up to me and ask me to paint that army ... I would have just laughed at them. I'll paint a lot of things, but an entire army for someone else. Not happening.
  4. It's all great. Love the bat. I like the fact that the detective has a design on his tie. I would have missed that.
  5. I prefer the new edition over the old ones any day of the week. The RP aspect hasn't changed. The combat has gotten better. Character generator is killer. Everything just makes more sense. And DMing ... o lord DMing is worlds easier now. It's nice being able to actually find DMs.
  6. If you go to the main page and look for ReaperCon on the left side it should take you into at least the information for last year. As I recall classes were $20 each but I don't remember what the registration fee for the con was. But pretty much everything should be there. Gotcha! No #'s for costs but looks like all the rest of the info is there from last year. Will just kinda depend on money really. I need some of those classes they offered last year real bad.
  7. I know the list is already made but I will still add my 2 cents. NMM would be 1 if I had to pick. Followed closely by blending, and "How to paint like the psycho french rackham people" class.
  8. Is there a FAQ somewhere? I might actually go. What type of prices are the tickets like and how much are the individual classes? Not sure what it all entails and how everything works.
  9. Really a wonderful piece. I love the bright contrasts. The skin really brings you in. Killer.
  10. Ya I wouldn't have guessed those were supposed to be lamp posts. But the first one ... baby bottle and vcr bits ? ... awesome. Thats really a nice piece. I need the man eating plants for my gaming table :)
  11. I use their work hobby line as my primary brush. I only have a very small one from the fine hobby line, and rarely use it. Which sizes do you recommend getting from the Series 7 line? I heard someone mention 1 and a size 2/0. Lets say I can get 5 brushes. Is size 1 the largest I should go? Thanks for the help.
  12. I feel your frustration and I am the exact same way. I cheat. I use a micron pen now. I just bought the smallest tiniest tipped Micron pen my Hobby store carries and thats what I use. Micron Pens ftw!
  13. Wow. This thread has been another brush eye opener in my life. I obviously have been doing more stuff really wrong. When I started painting (experimenting was more like it) I tried a ton of different brushes. I had no idea what to get and got all sorts of wierd things. I started buying random brushes on sale at hobby lobby that looked like the right size. I bought some of the testors hobby looking brushes, got some gamesworkshop brushes, and some armory brushes. I think each of them lasted 3 ... or maybe 5 minis at most. I have a pile of about 25 brushes now that get used for mixing and drybrushing. I finally WATCHED someone else paint some Warmachine minis at PAX and it was an eye opener. Afterwards I went and bought some P3 Work Hobby Brushes and Fine Hobby Brushes which I have 4 of. I have been using the same brush for roughly 3 months (thats a huge record for me) and I am getting ready to retire it. It has acquired this funny loop/hook with the hairs at the end of the tip. I toyed with the idea of trying to snip the end of the brush with scissors but decided against it. I am getting ready to start using another brand new brush and come to find out all my stuff should be lasting for years?! insanity !! LIES!! I don't use cleaner. I am going to have to try that now. I have been doing the conditioner thing after each painting. (Started doing that after PAX too). The things I am NOT supposed to do (mentioned in the previous posts) I haven't been doing with my newer brushes. My P3 brushes are kinda like my bread and butter now that I am taking care of my brushes so I am kinda torn. Maybe I should just try and upgrade to these Series 7 brushes you guys are raving about. Compaired to P3 brushes are they that much better or am I just doing something wrong?
  14. Just flippin awesome. I am going to waste so many minis trying to replicate this look. Thanks :)
  15. She is a beaut. This is where I need to take my next level of painting. Cleaner tighter lines and NMM. Awesome work.
  16. Thank you all for the great suggestions. Unfortunately my ability to implement those suggestions is very lacking. I seem to make things worse as I try to fix them so I just gave up. I added pictures of the final piece (sorry bout the bad photos, had to make do with the lighting I had.) I attempted to make the shadows darker, which turned out OK. Then I attempted to make the transition stick out a little less by applying a few red glazes*. That didn't turn out as I had hoped and actually dropped the brighter highlight color I had with the cloak. I also noticed another raised area on the cloak that might apply a shadow to it, and attempted to make a light shadow using some black ink. That didn't turn out so great either. At this point I just finished painting what else was needed and kinda called it quits. I was working on it for a buddy of mine and he loved it. I don't think I ever wanna see the mini again. I just need to start fresh over with a new project and hope for better results. Thanks for everyones help and suggestions on the mini. I am really surprised with all the feedback and suggestions on this board. Its a breath of fresh air. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ *I am using "glaze medium" from Vallejo and it takes eleventybazillion years to dry a single coat. Is there a faster glaze that provides the same results? I also have P3 mixing medium ... can it be used as a glaze? Thanks again!
  17. Thank you all for the information. I think I will heed the advice and try and make some of the darker areas darker and try not to make the transition so abrupt. My biggest concern is placement of the shadows/highlights. That is what really gets me. It seems as if I have just those three major areas where the shadow would hit. Is that the only location I should have the darker colors? Having the shadowed area extend all the way to the bottom of the cloak is ok? Should I make brighter colored areas around the holes on his cloak and around the ends of the cloak or should the shadow extend all the way down? I have the drive, mats, and patients for painting. I don't have the artistic talent/knowledge for the proper placement of the colors. I should probably take some art classes or something :/
  18. Thanks in advance for the help. I am very new to painting miniatures and have constant problems with highlights. I am working on a Thor figure for a buddy of mine and am having SERIOUS problems with the cape. I just am not sure how to highlight it or where to apply the colors. I have taken a look at the way the current one of the reaper site is painted, but when I tried something similar the colors scheme didn't look right. I have highlighted it like I think it should be done but it still doesn't look right. Any advice would be a huge help. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
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