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  1. wonderfully done as usual. Amazing use of those colors ... you really feel it throughout the whole piece.
  2. You're an artist I love to hate. Simply stunning.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Good video, look forward to seeing part 2. i could never get this technique to work well for me. Few questions. What brushes are you using in the vid? W&N 7's at 2s? Also, have you found another medium to use instead of saliva? wonder if some type of matt medium or mixing medium would work instead. Also wonder if a little bit of slow dry would assist in "the line" problem. I haven't gotten slow dri to work for me correctly either .. just seems to take FOREVER for it to dry .. just need a slight retarder ... and at this point im just thinking out loud ... Thanks!
  4. Badab Black Wash that metal. The fix all! :)
  5. So last year, my fiance and I enjoyed Reapercon immensely. High Noon in Denton and Ninja's vs Pirates was a blast. One of the things I was hoping to try with my lady was Pathfinder. I have a good gaming history and could probably have picked up on any difference between Pathfinder and DnD or other RPGs I have played, but my fiance has zero experience on the matter. I noticed their were quite a few events going on ... looked like sanctioned adventures and preplanned campaigns. Will there be anything this year from Paizo for complete noobs? I'd love some type of predefined basic super small adventure to get new people introduced into RPGs and the Pathfinder world. Guess I'm just throwing out my hopes/request there.
  6. I know it's not painting related but i really like the idea. I'm a gamer at heart so i can manage through any rules but my fiance, well ... .not so much. She enjoyed playing the "High Noon in Denton" game and i know its similar too, but not quite Warlord. I would pay for her to sit down and get some Warlord busted out for her. Great idea Inarah .. hope it pans out.
  7. Hmmmmm magnetizing ... might have to think about that. I have a TK army that is begging to be used for something else ... exxxxxxcellent
  8. I saw someone do something similar with parchment paper. Less risk of combustion i would assume. Was going to give that a go soon.
  9. Omg my setup almost looks identical to what you have in the first photo. Doh!
  10. This is my personal experience with the airbrush as I had a very similar mentality. I have found that the airbrush only speeds up the process for me on larger models. The time, if anything, sometimes takes LONGER for me, depending on what im doing and the cleanup time. I find it handy on smaller models for large areas of the same color .. like space marines .. or it works really well for glow effects if you have a steady trigger finger. I've noticed its more of a money sink than i was expecting also. I bought a nice kit for roughly 300 bucks. I started basing and priming lots of minis and it was a massive pain in my arse to fill my gravity feed all the time. So i went out and bought another pot based syphon fed airbrush. Then i needed cleaning brushes. Went out and bought some windex and future floor wax. More pots for my syphon so i could keep certain colors and primers around. Cleaners. Lube. Qtips. Masking tape. Started using Vallejo air paints because they are so handy convenient to push through directly (in essence i've started to double my already substantial paint collection.) Yes most these things are pretty small, but they rapidly add up if you aren't prepaired for them. Even with all my complaints, I am glad i made the investment. Its a completely different painting experience then with a brush. And you will still have to keep in mind all the color theory and shading abilities associated with brushing. It takes time to learn, just like a brush, and you will still be using a brush quite a bit, depending on what you want your minis looking like. Can't remember who said it, but its honestly the best mentallity to have with an airbrush: "An airbrush isn't a cheat. It's just another tool for artists to use."
  11. For tourneys, can you have them based on a round base .. and then lets say stick a square base underneath with postertac for the tourney?
  12. O and are their close ups of the best painted army and/or the Revival Dragon Blade?
  13. Wow. Sounds like it was much fun. Was their any casual games going on at this event as well?
  14. I would assume this year is Pirate theme. Sure looks Yargish to me on the site http://www.reapermini.com/ReaperCon
  15. Dig it! Thanks for sharing!
  16. Bumble_B


    I'm also wondering about this. Pirate themed costumes this year?
  17. wooooooo actually thanks for posting this. I have started my adventures in airbrushing as well and have made a few mistakes I learned quickly from. I am finding the "windex" trick, less of a trick and more of a pain in my arse then anything. Thinners, though more expensive , are working much better for me. V. Air paints are my bestest friend and i wish i had more. I use primarily p3 paints through my airbrush , and have been hit and miss depending on what i am using for a thinner.
  18. Man those all look amazing and that logan is super awesome. You almost never see this level of detail into regular troops, or war-engines, or hell .. even named characters. Gives me hope one day I'll finish my TK .. I'll slowly keep trucking at it. Thanks! and would love to see a Bat Rep if they ever get played.
  19. Man my Tomb Kings want to just run some chariots into the flank of .... I mean, GREAT JOB! Awesome!
  20. Great job. Love how you take those transitions up so high in such a small area. The NMM on the front of the coat really pops. The basing is great as well, doesn't distract from the focus of the mini, but matches it very well and brings it together. Thanks for sharing!
  21. This very important. No wax paper. Parchment paper. And I second Ollie's suggestion about not using the sheets that come with the wetpallets themselves. too much water and not cost effective.
  22. Dig it! Love the piece. Thanks for sharing
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