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  1. Amazing work as always. Love the way the lighting brings you to her face and glowing eyes. Dig it!
  2. Awesome piece. I actually really like the sketch too lol Good idea!
  3. I love the way the base came out. Good stuff. I am concerned about the cloak. It looks like it is taking on a "grainyness" due to the last bit of whiteish hightlight. I'm not sure if that was the last few highlights so something like a glaze would help it out .. or maybe it is the primer and I just couldnt see it before. Just what I'm seeing now. Can't wait to see more.
  4. These are amazing.... I might just have to steal this idea! I would also like to see instructions/tutorial of what you did and used for the final ones shown here. Thanks!
  5. Another stunning piece. Can never get enough of your work.
  6. I'm with Loim here lol. Thanks for sharing Derek. Another jawdropping piece.
  7. Ya no joke. I actually ended up changing over the colors of the mini and made the red i was using the highlight and went with the Mechrite red as the base. It was very good at covering the mistakes , only 2 or 3 layers. Other stuff must have just been made too transparent. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Sorry to hear about your injury. They were getting kicked out pretty quick. I really liked your Doc Holiday and your Karla. Get some rest and then get back on em
  9. Wonderful piece. Has to be the cleanest dwarf I have ever seen
  10. Amazing and inspiring piece. I hate, with a passion, painting large figures and this takes the cake. Their is nothing bigger in warmachine and you did it amazingly. Thanks for sharing and your army has to be one of the best painted Cygnar I have ever seen. Good Stuff! I would LOOOOVE to see some lightning special effects coming out of that thing. I believe I have seen a piece of art that looks similar to the setup you have, maybe in a no quarter magazine? Having one of the Khador in the trench getting fried by lightning would bring a tear to my eye
  11. I have this red color I love. I've worked it to my will, and it flows smoother than any paint I own. It's just a pure joy to work with ... UNTIL ... I fudge up and put a dark color on it. I dorked up last night and marked some dark Tinny Tin over my area that has this red. I can't ever seem to coat over it now. I have tried like 5 layers of white primer and more layers of my red and STILL I can see the spot where I marked the darker color. What do you do when you paint black or a dark color in an area that is supposed to have a bright red? Should I be trying something like an HD or Foundation paint and then try to coat over it? Whats a painter to do ?!?
  12. man lookin good. Keep em comin
  13. Truly sick. Your works are always amazing. Inspiring.
  14. Good mini. Those bits of metal on his back really jump out at you because of the way you have them painted. Bravo.
  15. Anyone played Mantics massive fantasy game? I heard good things about it... and they are working on a sci-fi shooter to compete with 40K now too. And their models are like half the price of GW and look good to me.
  16. Luckily for me, there is Reapercon. I started a Tomb Kings army recently, and picked up a troop of Reaper skelly archers .. and some skelly calvary pieces, and a few other odds and ends. Thanks to Reapers metal trade in ... it cost me zilch. Saved myself 100 bucks easy that would have gone to GW. When I do purchase minis I try to by Reaper products as much as possible for this single reason. It might only be once a year, but its the greatest thing since sliced bread, to be able to look at part of an army and say .. man i could turn those guys into X if i ever wanted. It's a sad truth. Miniature company first and gaming waaaaay down on the list. I have been working on my own projects associated with Reapers products to try and promote their gaming and move things along. Fan based things aren't honestly the way to go though :(
  17. Awesome! Dis Bee You Si?
  18. All wonderfully painted minis. The Elf cleric is my fav. The way you have him painted ... he just pops! The really bright highlights just make him. Thanks!
  19. Man that is amazing work! Can't to see this in all its finalized glory.
  20. Thats great stuff! Can't wait to see your future work!
  21. I believe I am going to get a top feed. I like the clean up and the prospect of being able to kick out smaller jobs. Anyone have a preference on a company for airguns? anyone use any of the "bear" series?
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