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  1. I have finally made the jump over to big armies. Tomb Kings to be specific. I have the majority of my army primered (6 cans down .. probably 2 more to go) and I began base coating ... got about 2 mini's in and im already fed up. LOL. Plan on using HD Tusk Ivory for all my bones. I am getting an Airbrush setup. I will be using it mainly for basecoating .. and would like it to replace my priming as well. Advanced stuff much much later. I have done a little bit of reading and this is what I have come up with. Spend the money on the good stuff as its an investment. Dual Action now rather than later. Internal mix sounds like the way to go. Compressor .. everyone seems to like Paasche. Question I had for people was Gravity feed or Bottom feed? I would assume gravity feed is the way to go ... but would like to know what everyone elses thoughts are on this. Any other suggestions or pointers are always appreciated for someone finally making the investment.
  2. We have a winner. Talk about gluing bits!!! Aaaaah!!!! Ya was thinking the same thing ..... I actually had to debate whether I would rather take superglue to the eye instead of this .... oi
  3. Nifty! I don't know what in the world it's supposed to be, but I know I wouldnt want to meet it in a back alley! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Great work. I would like to see some more close up shots of the fronts of the minis. A tree or two would have done wonders for this ... and minus that REEEAAALLLY long vine plant thing, as my brain does not compute what that slender piece of vegetation is. Its a wonderful piece and I would like to see more of it! Thanks!
  5. Show him whos boss .... EAT HIS FACE OFF!!! RAAWWWRRR!!
  6. I think it's a wonderful piece. I love how high you took the green highlights on the scales around her "knee" area. Well done! Thanks!
  7. Both of these are really good and love em both. I would have to say my only recommendation would be on the spilled ale, little more liquid , little less foam. Now im going to have to look into this "wooden checker" thing I have never heard of. These are both wonderful pieces and thanks a ton for sharing
  8. I really love this piece. Wonderful job all around and the colors are something not normally seen and or done well. Bravo.
  9. Amazing first minis. I love your spartan and your queen iosa is really well done. It wont take you much time with a starting point like this, to kick out some beautiful models. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I'll add my name to the list of stupidity with sharp objects. I cut toward myself. Always have, always will. I don't have the coordination to control a blade going away from me. As such, my thumb takes the brunt of my hiccups. The slips, the forces, the slight cuts, the "not paying attention" whoops into my right thumb. I started a tomb kings army about a month ago (it was a gift, I swear). I have the luxury of being able to prep my minis at work, and I refuse to just field an army thrown together in a rush. I have been cleaning and prepping every Emporer forsaken undead bone. Every day I was slicing my finger anew, cutting into something that was freshly cut a few days prior, or something a few millimeters away from another cut. I was going through countless bandaids. I tried wearing them BEFORE I cut myself just to try and stem some of my forseen stupidity. My thumb and fingers got so bad that I was walking along in my local Sams club, picked up a case of water with my fiance, and my thumb just started gushing blood from multiple wounds being reopened at once, from the pressure. Some nice old man that carried multiple bandaids in his wallet saved me from drinking my own blood like some hungry vampire baby that day. My fiance had had enough, and I had learned the error of my ways. I pace myself now, based on how tender my fingers have become. No GW army is worth that much pain.
  11. Lord man I asked not to be quoted!! oi!
  12. If its fully completed, I would love to see a final video of the electronics in action, while panning around to take in the beauty from all angles. Don't sell yourself, or this baby short. Its an amazing piece and the time and effort that went into it should be shown off as much as possible.
  13. Mini looks good. I am not sure about the face as that is pretty much the most important part of a mini, even with how she is dressed. I would love to see this one all painted up, as I believe she is a win. Some other thoughts would be the wings. Being a more sexually oriented miniature, I would assume some of the things that are going to be given more time by some of the painters are going to be the breasts and rear. Her rear is sculpted nicely and as such would want to stick out. With the position of the wings, they detract from that area and cover it up. I dont know If decreasing the size of the wings around that area, or rotating her wings more over her head is the answer .. but something along that lines is what I'm thinking. Also I am a tad confused by the story this is telling. Maybe I'm reading into it too much. With the garment she is wearing .. I picture some type of sex slave .. or slavery of some type .. to include the shackles she still has attached. Her pose gives a feeling as if she is finally free .. trying to fly away. If that is the case, then I would recommend the chain on the shackle be shortened to account for it being broken (for freedom), or perhaps moving in another direction maybe whipping about so you know its been broken. In its current form , it looks like the chain is supposed to continue on, and that it was only cut off at that point because its actually outside the bounds of the mini. The rocks terminate in the same area giving that feeling. IF she is NOT free .. and still bound to her slavery, my question would be how in the hell did she get her hands on such a deadly weapon? The shackles or the weapon (depending on the story) throw me off and I'd personally mod to fix one or the other. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for sharing it, amazing piece for so little experience with sculpting.
  14. This was an amazing piece to see in person and wonderfully done. I would have overlooked those tiny toys in a heart beat assuming there wasn't enough detail, or too many flaws to mess with. I stand completely corrected and this shows off your skill perfectly. Bravo!
  15. Shiney! Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
  16. I'm sure there is more too it, but the few things I know are: P-65 is heavier ... because of the lead content I believe the regular pewter is softer (don't quote me on this) P-65 is inedible. Don't give it to your 2 year old to munch on . It has all the warnings that come with things with tiny amounts of lead, and thus should not be given to little kids to dork with. I'm sure others will fill in the gaps.
  17. sexxxxxy :) good job on the PP mini.
  18. LOL good stuff. I feel ya completely. I haven't had the pleasure of doing this for Warlord but I do this in many other games. Usually it happens to be in some team battle so my "team" gets pretty annoyed, but eh. Sometimes having fun means doing the insane. Everyone else can keep their strategy and massive teamwork. I'll be the guy heading in the other direction trying to solo an entire horde of zombies with a baseball bat and a welders mask. BRING IT!
  19. I'll take the easy one #3 . Removing the bases
  20. Got another trivia question for ya. are there any models that the number of melee attacks or range attacks change as they progress down the DT? if so, an example would be awesome :) thanks!
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