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  1. There are quite a few that I would love to redo, but sadly, I have to put down the brush and move to other projects. I could spend years on the vampire set and still have some pieces not be where i want. I understand the reserve puts it out of most people's range, but there is a minimum I have to make just to break even. My favorite pieces are the giants, and a few random pieces here and there. I'm pretty happy with the way the flame pieces turned out, and some of the rangers/rogues. I honestly wish I could afford to spend a lot longer on them.
  2. Just north of dallas. A couple of miles from reaper, actually. compared to, oh say, Seattle, or anywhere in Minnesota, it's practically desert. Also, everything is air conditioned because of the heat, so indoors tends to be pretty low humidity even on muggy days.
  3. I washed a couple of the larger ones, and I had to straighten a couple of pieces. By and large, I painted directly on the bones material. I'm in Texas, so the low humidity helps the paint stick like crazy. I still have a couple of the first bones I painted, and the paint is still in pretty good condition. Yeah, finishing is killer. Blocking is fun, details are work. :)
  4. It is finally finished! Yay! You can see the finished gallery of madness at http://qpenguin.wix.com/bones-gallery.
  5. We are now in the last 24 hours of the bones challenge and the patches of white are disappearing quickly! I still have no idea if I can pull this off, but I am going to keep at it until I finish or until the deadline! My current plan is to do a couple of quick updates over the course of the day as I complete larger sections. Check back in! queenpenguin.com
  6. Finally have a new update( www.queenpenguin.com)! I also have a gallery set up with all of the minis that have been completed so far (including lizards). http://qpenguin.wix.com/bones-gallery
  7. Hello again! Larger photos of the giants are available at http://Qpenguin.wix.com/bones-gallery I can't link the images from the gallery, so I'll have to include more pictures in the next update so you can see them. :) I also have the rangers and rogues completed! The new update is available at http://www.queenpenguin.com/blog
  8. I love the blue! I would never have thought of it. It looks great!
  9. Haven't had a chance to upload a better photo. Didn't forget! I'll have to get it tomorrow.
  10. I give you... Lizards! (and a swamp troll and snake man) Also, an update that has giants, and rangers, and rogues! Oh My! The update also includes a queenpenguin with a fancy straw. Again, if you have any requests for next sets, let me know.
  11. If anyone is reading this, any suggestions which group to do after the giants? I have no preference at this point, and thought I would see if anyone had any desire to see a specific mini painted.
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