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  1. Hello, I bought some 3d prints from a vendor at the convention but misplaced their card. They had a table full, printed dragons, and a cyclops skull. Anyone remember their name? Thanks
  2. I've heard of this but could never figure out the mechanics of it. I'm wondering if resin cures slowly without the presence of UV light. The curing process is exothermic and can get quite hot. My guess is the sealed box retained heat, accelerating the process, until the pieces melted. The part at the bottom of the image looks more melted than shattered to me. Was there resin splatter on the lid of the box? Or just a puddle on the bottom?
  3. I struggled a bit with that. Thanks!
  4. Started it at the ReaperCon paint and take, but didn't finish until I got home. Rask, Male Harefolk Sculpted by Christine Van Patten SKU: 30052
  5. Thanks to everyone who stopped and got a ribbon. We were very pleased at all the positive reaction. Reaper Peeps are good people.
  6. I was in my painting room and noticed, without moving, I could lay eyes on 14 reaper swag cups. If you've been other conventions you might remember "card-halla." People would spend time building a giant house of cards to be knocked down at the end of the con. I think we should all bring our Reaper Swag cups, build a giant castle, and raffle off the right to go bowling!
  7. Ordered! See Inarah or Jay at the convention if you're collecting ribbons!
  8. How did you do the textures? They look fantastic.
  9. Hello, Is anyone already making badge ribbons with the text "Vaccinated"? If not I thought I might. Can anyone recommend a printer that makes them reasonably?
  10. Finn's had one too many. A super fun little figure. He's very small tho...
  11. HI Rob, I have a lot of experience with printers. I'll send you email direct. I'm in your roll20 group
  12. My paint of the "Fungal Queen" https://www.reapermini.com/search/mushroom/latest/44050 She's a real FUN GAL!
  13. A Merry Christmas and Happy holiday season to you! Here's an ornament I painted for our tree. It was 3D printed (Resin, on an Anycubic Photo Mono). I primed in White with Dupli-Color sandable primer, then inverse zenithal primed again with "Hot Rod grey". I've largely left the primer untouched to retain the powdery look of the snow. I painted the clothing and eyes with Reaper "Coal Black." The hook and scarf trim were painted with reaper "Clockwork Brass" metallic. The rest of the sash and the hat ribbon were a craft paint metallic with the black undercoat. The carrot is two coats of Reaper clear orange. Best wishes to you and your family. Stay safe out there!
  14. WIP: Kat the Gat! I just love the attitude on this figure (a 3d printed miniature by BlackRabbitActual)
  15. Here are my results for the paint binge! I needed a troll fighter so... My friends helped me test a new game I created so I made a small gift.... I still had some smog rider figures from last year's Reapercon to paint: and my favorite, the Genie, Djinn, or something like that: This poor girl went through the ringer. I went to spray it with dull coat and found out the hard way the spray PAINT and the spray LACQUER rattle cans look almost identical... I only caught her with a glancing shot of spray paint but it still took several hours to repair.
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