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  1. Here are my results for the paint binge! I needed a troll fighter so... My friends helped me test a new game I created so I made a small gift.... I still had some smog rider figures from last year's Reapercon to paint: and my favorite, the Genie, Djinn, or something like that: This poor girl went through the ringer. I went to spray it with dull coat and found out the hard way the spray PAINT and the spray LACQUER rattle cans look almost identical... I only caught her with a glancing shot of spray paint but it still took several hours to repair.
  2. Most of your images aren't loading
  3. Freehanding straight lines? Wow! Excellent work
  4. Jay


    I printed this one on my fdm printer. I might need a do-over now!
  5. It was a bit boring so I thought the eyes had to really pop. Thanks :) It's not bacon, but it was fun ;) Thanks
  6. I finally finished this piece after more than a year in a box. The colors didn't come out well in the photo though. This is the Impact! miniatures Chibi Dragon Carp. It was a very limited run but @Inarah tells me there's still one left. Black Indigo base. Gold metallic dry brush. Outlined with Clear Blue and Black Indigo. Blended the surf and the eyes with various Reaper blues. The eyes and surf were Linen White to tie in with all the blues and yellows. Thanks for looking :)
  7. I did get some time to paint after all! Sorry for the low quality pictures This was from a game that didn't take off. The figures were on sale cheap:
  8. Two I finished. Good enough for table top use. You can't have enough cultists. You keep going through them so quickly: At ReaperCon Bobie's game store had some dollar figures left over from a game:
  9. The local store had a bottle of Vallejo Glaze medium. Night and day difference! Thank all of you for the great advice :)
  10. I have a bottle of craft paint blending gel. I'll try it and see if it helps.
  11. I'm sure I do have too much in the brush. I'll try to thin it less too. Thanks!
  12. I'm painting flesh tones and it's coming out blotchy. Any suggestions on how to get those buttery smooth blends? The specific reaper color is "Rosy Flesh." I'm mixing the paint with water to thin it down but I get rings and blotches. Too much water? Too little? Should I be using flow improver instead of water? Should I paint everything the highlight color and darken it or work the reverse direction? Thanks!
  13. All painted minis: https://photos.app.goo.gl/afdEdzb1jXLA8Qzr7
  14. The camera wasn't kind to this one. It's very cute in person. I had trouble with paint rubbing off :( I was careful to clean it well too.
  15. Don't bake them! It never turns out well The turbo dork metallic is perfect for this! The blue looks just like die I have.
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