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  1. Jay

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    All painted minis: https://photos.app.goo.gl/afdEdzb1jXLA8Qzr7
  2. The camera wasn't kind to this one. It's very cute in person. I had trouble with paint rubbing off :( I was careful to clean it well too.
  3. Don't bake them! It never turns out well The turbo dork metallic is perfect for this! The blue looks just like die I have.
  4. Painting this made me angry ;) Gotta fix his left eye though...
  5. Already have two figures done! In spite of the hour of power outage due to the storm
  6. Jay

    77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress

    Really came out well. Smooth and clean!
  7. Jay

    Dungeons and Doggos: diorama

    We bow-wow down to you! Love the idea
  8. I wanted to get some space on the table. I can put different unpainted miniatures where these used to be! I printed a mausoleum to use as a backdrop (there's a LOT of 3d printed terrain out there!) Used some aquarium decor for alien trees. Hope you're inspired to finish something too!
  9. Saving your vision I thought this was important to share.
  10. Jay

    2018 Secret Sophie

    @prophetic_joe Sent me a wonderful box as part of the Secret Sophie exchange. Here's the box of goodness complete with a bag of fresh air from somewhere else in the world. I fortified myself with a glass of eggnog before opening it: It was filled with lovely unpainted miniatures: Toshiro is going to need to visit his favorite sword repair man: Who doesn't need a space heroine? And a sniper. I'm playing a Victorian era sniper in a supers game so this guy will come in handy: I might have to give him different glasses though. I don't think aviator shades were available in 1888. Now for the big reveal! The painted figure: Nate did beautiful work! Thanks so much! I hope you have a great 2019. May thousands of cheering fans throw little pickles as you stand atop the temple pyramid erected in your honor.
  11. Finishing up my first novel. Woot!