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  1. I call my piece "Taking candy from a baby" The sewer drain is made from hirst arts blocks and some putty. The tentacles should be recognizable from the Reaper monster parts and tentacle pack. The leaves were punched from paper using a scrapbooking punch. Greenery is by woodland scenics and my tea habit. The sucker is a painted sewing pin. The wrapped candy is painted green stuff. The hat was sculpted from sculpey. Sorry for the glare on the photos. My thanks to my lovely wife for putting up with me.
  2. Jay

    03084 - Virina, Female Demon

    Reminds me of a Brom painting. Thanks for posting!
  3. Jay


    No nits to pick, very nice!
  4. Jay

    News from Gencon!

    Any idea when Bob Rudolphi's award winning GenCon sculpt will be available? It looked fantastic. Perhaps in time to order for the halloween contest? Thanks
  5. Jay

    Network troubleshooting help

    Your cable modem may be 'flapping'. The modem is basically a radio receiver picking up it's signal from the cable company. If you're pretty far out, or the cables are in bad shape, or the neighbors hook stuff to it, or the cable company installer tried to avoid work by just loading on one more connection, etc. then you can get a poor signal. If you have a poor signal it may drop out periodically. It's probably the cable company infrastructure and not your hardware.
  6. Get call blocking from the phone company. Block the worst offenders. A small amount of work will get rid of 90% of the problem. If you're getting calls from robo-caller machines put a fax machine or computer modem on the line and let it answer for a day or two. The robots will automatically remove you from their database if they hear computer/fax tones.
  7. I introduce to you the Reaper Ice Witch. The sword was intended to look like it was made from ice. It didn't come out too badly but of course I wish it were better. The base is a chunk of broken ceramic floor tile from our remodeling project. The snow was baking soda held on with white glue. Good luck to everyone in the contest! Hope you all got great presents from Santa.
  8. I've finished two entries, this is my first. I call it "ReaperCon or Bust!". The figure is a modified Team Frog sculpt that was sold by Reaper at their GenCon booth. I tried asking if it was a permissible entry but couldn't get an answer. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Jay

    Some minis

    A shot of Testor's "Dull Cote" after you finish painting them will help keep them in good shape even if you handle/drop them. If you expect hard wear spray on a glossy finish first then put on a dull finish coat. Your paints look good. I'd try to add more depth by using inks or learning to paint highlights and shadows next.
  10. Team Frog snowman legion TFSXWS02 http://www.teamfrog.com/fig-xw.htm
  11. I purchased an army of snowmen from the Reaper booth at GenCon. They're not official reaper minis, but were produced by Reaper, and sold for someone else in Reaper's booth. Can I use them for the winter contest?
  12. With the economic slowdown I've been busy trying to find a new job instead of painting, but I did finish something.