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  1. The campaign sounds awesome. Good idea to turn things around the other way! Of course the avenger would need moving parts at least. Making it into a drone would be quite a project
  2. I should probably do a mesh smooth on it too. When you get close you can see the polygons. A successful experiment.
  3. It's a computer game (PC). About $30 on sale these days. The soldiers fly to the ufo crash sites in a troop ship called "The Avenger". I think it would make a great model to do as well.
  4. Jay

    Practical Uses of Miniature Painting

    Lots of paint knowledge applies when you're painting 3d printer output. Otherwise not a lot of practical use for me!
  5. Jay

    Bendy Skeleton Toy

    I found a plastic toy "day of the dead boy" in the box of goodwill. It was fun to paint up when you have no expectation that perfection is required :)
  6. Jay

    Volk The Bastard.

    I bet he won't be called that much... to his face.
  7. Jay

    Official ReaperCon Shirts - Now Available!

    I wish the speed of the cycle was slower its not on any one image long enough to get a good look
  8. Jay

    Infinity Nomad Alguaciles B

    Really made her armor pop. I like the face too!
  9. Jay

    at the county Sheriff's office...

    "What we have here is a failure to communicate"
  10. Jay

    Mouselings from Bones (77290, 77287, 77288) Pic Heavy

    Is that a bee or a pikachu? ;) I like how they came out
  11. Jay

    Artist Trading Cards

    You can do a number of things. Draw what you want messy and get your basic form. You can trace with a projector (expensive unless you have one). You can trace with light box (cheaper). Or you can draw it with graphite pencil mirror imaged and rub graphite from the drawing to the final canvas like a rub on transfer.
  12. Jay

    Just a devoted nun, and her axe...

    Holy cow! She looks like she's just axing for trouble! Great work!
  13. Jay

    Danger in the Desert... Not Dessert.. :D

    Hope they aren't reading the forum. It will spoil the surprise
  14. Jay

    30010: Dragoth the Defiler, Undead Lord on Throne

    Is it "done" or are you going to keep fiddling with it? Looks good!
  15. Jay


    Here's my entry in the summer painting contest. Hope you all enjoy it. I entered in the diorama category. Parts used: 02981: Lonnia, Female Duelist, sculpted by Gene Van Horne I don't know the dog monster's number, it's a 2002 Reaper piece. Either that or somebody named "RMI" :) Fantascape "Wyrdstone Mines" wm0009 base When I saw the duelist figure I immediately thought about doing something like this with her. I was glad I got an excuse to help motivate me to finish the piece! I chopped off the sword and replaced it with some chain for jewelry making. Painting loose chain is a pain! It chips off terribly. I sculpted a collar on the dog using grey stuff and hooked up the chain after it dried. Added a couple of layers of washes to the base and put on some flock to break up all the stone. I think I should have put more plants down.
  16. Jay

    Artist Trading Cards

    Good evening all, Here's the lovely card I received: I think djizomdjinn did a great job! Oil paint on a magic card.
  17. Jay

    Mushroom, MUSHROOM!

    Wow! just WOW!
  18. Jay

    unknown viking mini

    The last unknown mini took 5 minutes to get an identification... ;) Nicely done. Good base for them too!
  19. Jay

    Street Violence by Glitterwolf

    I can, Thanks! I hereby nominate you to the Church of Bacon!
  20. Jay

    Worm Golem

    I was going to ask for better lighting on the pictures but I'm not sure I want to see it any better... ;) Nice!
  21. Jay

    Street Violence by Glitterwolf

    Did you post a list of the figures and bits you used? I might be inspired to make something similar or use some of the bits in my own projects! Thanks
  22. Funny you painted Trinia (the 1st one), Paizo had a blog post regarding the hardcover version of that Adventure Path (Curse of the Crimson Throne) & they updated her artwork. She isn't bare feet anymore. Since I have one of your painted figs, the pics don't do those justice. Nice work!! Thanks! I just got a better camera and I need to learn to use the manual settings to get better depth of field. Something for a less busy time!
  23. Good evening fellow paint-with-a-#0-brush-ians, I recently picked up a new kind of glue and I thought I would pass along my thoughts. "What's that? A new glue?" you say? Yes Virginia, this glue remains in a gel like state until you cure it by shining an ultraviolent ultraviolet light on it. After having many exciting gluing sessions with liquid superglue and the inevitable swearing and tearing off of flesh that entails I searched for a viable alternative. I could apply the glue, position things as I wanted them at my leisure, use a "third hand" to hold them, then shine the light on them to "cement" things as I wanted them. It works, and it doesn't. It does all those things well. The problem is that the light cannot shine through opaque metal and plastic so the glue inside the joint remains uncured. The glue joint is not strong. There is some good news though. This stuff is very clear and makes wonderful clear ice for those winter themed dioramas you've been making for Santa. Here's what you get in the package: You unscrew the cap from the black tube and apply the gel. Then shine the light of hardening upon it: The UV flashlight is the handy weird thing you see on the left side in the first image. You squeeze and hold it for a four to five seconds to cure the glue. If you've had better luck with this stuff please let me know how you did it? Thanks, Jay
  24. I painted three but only have decent pictures of two: The Pirate girl looks like someone hit her in the face during the last boarding action:
  25. A #0 brush? Luxury! In my day we used a single cat hair. The four yorkshire men