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  1. 5 hours ago, Rob Dean said:

    Well, we baked many dozens of cookies (maybe 36?) .


    It wasn’t a total bust from a hobby viewpoint; we got in a good miniatures game this morning, but after my son and his fiance departed, I looked at the weather and decided that it was more important to cast than to paint, because perfect weather days don’t show up too often.




    These are from Nuernberger Meisterzinn molds, which make figures in three or four pieces with separate heads.  I have a heap of heads, 18 horses, 10 cavalry bodies (I already had some cast), about 35 infantry and most of a cannon crew, so my French Revolution project is about to get some reinforcements.



    Don't bake them! It never turns out well




    The turbo dork metallic is perfect for this!

    The blue looks just like die I have.



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  2. @prophetic_joe   Sent me a wonderful box as part of the Secret Sophie exchange.

    Here's the box of goodness complete with a bag of fresh air from somewhere else in the world. I fortified myself with a glass of eggnog before opening it:



    It was filled with lovely unpainted miniatures:



    Toshiro is going to need to visit his favorite sword repair man:



    Who doesn't need a space heroine?



    And a sniper. I'm playing a Victorian era sniper in a supers game so this guy will come in handy:


    I might have to give him different glasses though. I don't think aviator shades were available in 1888.


    Now for the big reveal!  The painted figure:





    The fun  part was my game group just watched this movie the day before this arrived:







    Nate did beautiful work!

    Thanks so much! I hope you have a great 2019.

    May thousands of cheering fans throw little pickles as you stand atop the temple pyramid erected in your honor.



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  3. FYI - I was at the theater today and found these cool little 28mm scale figures:




    They were quite inexpensive. I won't mention the name of the movie chain but if you're in a reasonably large city there will be one near you.

    In the spirit of disclosure I work for them but don't have any direction connection with the this. I just thought they were cool and bought a set.



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  4. I nicknamed him "Billy"



    I lined the elder sign then painted a thin wash over it trying to get a good glow effect.

    I thought it came out well. It really needs more contrast though.

    It was solid white when I started so I can't complain too much!



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