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  1. HI all! I'm just getting round to posting some photos from ages ago. C&C welcome.
  2. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind words. My sister is very happy with him (Apparently he sits where she sees him every morning). And yes, I never noticed the hook hand till I started cleaning him up.
  3. Hi everyone! I thought I should come and share some photos of a mini I painted last year for my sister. She really liked the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and wanted to get her own monkey, so this mini has decided to go and live with her in another state :) And C&C welcome. If anyone would like to vote for it on CMON, the link is here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/353966
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry to dig up an old thread, but this one was pointed out to me recently. I know the people at Aetherworks, and have painted up a few of their buildings before, as well as seen others that have been painted up. The detail is deep enough so that they can be painted without clogging them. They have some painted examples on http://www.aetherworks.com.au/ that I know have been painted with standard craft and house paint, more often than not unthinned; just taken straight out of the pot. Providing you actually brush it into the cracks of the details (Not just spoon a glob of pain
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