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  1. hmm i did shake the heck out of the can but i never thought if the coats were too thick i bet they are.
  2. no problem there I bought a citadel paint kit the mega paint set. Now i have a new problem if anyone knows why. I used testors dullcoat after i painted my minis and instead of dulling down the shine it became shinier. I used 2 coats and in a finished basement with 2 dehumidifiers. I am at my wits end as to why my monk looks like plastic.
  3. Thank you all i thought it was water but didn't want to risk it.
  4. I switched from enamels to acrlyics. I have no idea what to use to thin acrlyic Paint. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I would like to see some dying figures. Like maybe a guy laying on the ground with a sword in his chest or arrows in his body reaching to the sky as in asking for help. I know it's kinda morbid but i would actually have a use for packs of these.
  6. The link you gave me is very helpful. It has a few ideas i had never considered. Also I am almost one with the priest/cleric i was painting when i get some flesh colored paint and get it sealed and the dullcote on it i will post it on here for you guys to critique.
  7. Thank you very much this information is very good. I just ordered a kolinsky sable brush to try it out and see if i like it better then the 3/0 i have.
  8. Thanks allot i actually painted a mini using the enamels yesterday it came out looking very nice just really shiny lol. So i have decided i am going to switch to using the master series paints. The brushes i have are actually very nice so i don't think i will be switching those what i will do tho is buy a much finer tipper brush then the detail brush i have. i had a hard time doing some detail on a rope style belt on the priest i was painting. Any suggestions on a nice fine tipped brush?
  9. I have recently started getting into using reaper minis for my rpg games. I also want to start painting them. I have been painting model cars for about 12 years. My question is that i have about 500 bottles of testors enamel model paint can i use this on the minis as this would save me loads of money and just pick up some flesh colors? I know i am good on brushes and ect but the paints i just don't know if it will work. Also any guides on where exactly to start with painting these would be helpful. Thanx for your time.
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