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  1. I’m loving these dice! Are there any plans to expand the line or swap out existing colors for different ones?
  2. BTW if anyone is still trying to snag a beholder, WizKids did a soft launch on their online store. Beholders were still in stock yesterday (along with some other harder to find wave 1 minis)
  3. If you’re talking about the goblin hucker, it’s been made.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an ogre soon. The premium prepaint line has one coming out as part of a monster encounter. I’m pretty sure it’s a sculpt that hasn’t been released in the blind packs.
  5. I picked up the new Nolzur’s elementals and more Grung. I’m pretty excited for the new stuff, but man do I wish we would get another troll and a couple of ogres.
  6. I’m waiting to see what’s in Wave 11....but I don’t think we’ll know until Wave 10 drops next month.
  7. Nope, you haven’t missed anything. We have Thri-Kreen though!
  8. Wave 10 has Gung! It also has that ‘oh so hard to find’ bone golem.
  9. I think we need the divine flumph who made all others in his noodley image!
  10. I should fix that....the 5e kraken art isn’t even close to my idea of what a kraken is!
  11. Not even close to a kraken! Its weird too, I could swear I’ve seen art for juvenile krakens in 5e and they look like squids!
  12. Seeing as we’ve had plenty of Nolzur’s that are unreleased as prepaints (Tortles, T Rex, Triceratops), or ones that have been released prior to their comparable version in Icons of the Realms, I’m not sure why we wouldn’t expect Mark Morland and Paizo to drive the same way (especially with the release of Pathfinder 2.0). Either way, I’ve been really happy to have multiple lines (Bones, Nolzur’s, Deep Cuts) to draw from for cheap and well done monsters. I especially like it when I can get 3 or more similar versions of a individual creature, which are easy to further modify. It makes the ability to place 6-10 unique yet thematically similar enemies on the table easy! Add in that lots of the new Reaper metal releases (especially dungeon dwellers) match well with newer bones releases is extra sweet frosting on top of an already delicious miniatures cake!
  13. Is this a catoblepas? Whatever it is I love it. edit: it looks like StarFyre had the same thought!
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