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  1. Thanks! The purple troll is garnering a lot of attention. Who would have thought?
  2. Last one for the day....this guy was waaaaay outside my normal painting style.
  3. I'm getting tired of just painting ogres, so I expanded my WIP thread to encompass all the wandering monsters! Here's the ones I plan on getting to first... And yes, I know I have some Zombicide Black Plague back there too! Here's how the Ogre Shaman and the Ogre Rockbreaker turned out.
  4. Who'd have thought that carrot top red, waveform aqua, and the vampiric triad would make a decent skin color? I need to set aside this recipe for when I'm ready to paint all my ogres.
  5. Good job Cash! Any chance we'll get to see some of your wandering monsters?
  6. Red seems to be the way to go! I started the ogre brute with a similar skin tone, but used Nightmare Black instead of the green liner.
  7. I'm thinking of going the red violet direction with his cloak. Any suggestions?
  8. Next up, the Ogre Shaman. I started with green liner, and slowly lightened it with the vampiric triad and a little witchcraft purple. Now I need to decide what other colors to use for his clothing!
  9. Those wings! I need to try playing with some super saturated paint/ink.
  10. And I had time to work on the Fomorian. I'm not sure if I'm really happy with this one. I'm thinking about some purple and red glazes to darken up his skin a little.
  11. Alright - the low troll is just about as done as he's going to be (except the base). I'm happy with the blends and contrast on this guy. I'm thinking I might push up those highlights on the hammer head just a little more.
  12. Thanks! I want to go bright and out of my normal comfort zone on these guys. When I finished up Zombicide, I was pretty tired of muted gritty palettes!
  13. I may have only lurked around on Bones 4 (mostly because I didn't want to spend more than a base pledge right now!), but it definitely helped me get the painting bug. I also received a plethora of monsters from CMoN (Massive Darkness) and have started playing D&D again (good old 2nd Edition). These have also gotten the creative juices going. I thought to myself, 'self...you want a good collection of painted minis, in case the guys and gals want you to DM.' Then I realized, I have all these great bones miniatures, of which most have just been unbagged and stored. So, here's the start of a new collection of painted monsters, freaks, and villains to terrorize my friends (maybe :D) I wanted to practice doing scales and have always wanted to be able to get a somewhat iridescent effect. I decided the Dracolisk, #77397 would be a good model to try this out on. I really want to make those scales 'pop' a bit more. Does anyone have any good advice?
  14. It's sure been a while since I've broken out my brushes! My copy of Massive Darkness, the new RPG light Dungeon game by CMoN, arrived the other day. After looking at the sheer volume of plastic which was added to my collection, the painting bug hit me. These three are the first of about 8-10 ogres, giants, trolls I'll be painting up. Comments and critiques are appreciated!
  15. The update keyed me into one more thing - these are slated to ship in September of 2017 with the Kickstarter ending on August 25th. That's a pretty aggressive turn around.
  16. In the past, yes, that's how Stonehaven has done it.
  17. Owch on those prices! I hope that doesn't hurt them in the long run. You do get free shipping in the US, and a 15% off banner popped up when I visited the store. Those two things would bring the minis back closer in line with your average metal mini. That being said, KSer is the way for now!
  18. Psssttt.....completionist. <goes back to pretending to work on Uber's stuff>
  19. Core + No Rest + Friends and Foes + Paul Bonner + Adrian Smith + Ultimates + Rat King + MD crossover + 2 extra sets of bursters. I think I have an addiction.
  20. Nice job! It's actually from a Zombicide Black Plague guest artist box (by Paolo Parente).
  21. So - it looks like Eleven has been spoiled on an artist's Facebook page, so now we just wait to see if Lucas gets included!
  22. Correction - that's 3 Stranger Things characters. We have Mike, Demogorgon, and Dustin And of course, in true CMoN fashion, you have to get the Friends and Foes Expansion to pick up this exclusive.
  23. Cool! Thanks CorallineAlgae. I remembered reading about the other on the KS message boards. She is definitely Valeria!
  24. For tributes, don't forget that Kelsey is Kelsey Grammer (Cheers/Fraizer), Ygraine is Miranda Otto (LotR/Eowyn), Ryan John is George Michael, Queen Severa is Jean Marsh (Willow/Bavmorda), and Sigrun is Kristy Swanson (or maybe Sarah Gheller) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Buffy)
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