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  1. I am slowly getting my page up and running again! I have placed 21 new pictures up. Please feel free to browse them and give any comments you feel are needed! My Webpage Here's one of my favorites of this bunch:
  2. I have a connection in France that I get mine from. I generally trade him Reaper minis for them!
  3. Hee hee - I just scored 4 of them!
  4. LOL , me too! Where's Sophie? Reapercon has been going on for all of 20 mins now! I found out yesterday, that I had a day off of work for once, and my first comment to the wife was, "now you don't have to order Sophie for me!". My next comment was, "I wonder how much last minute tickets to Texas would be!"
  5. Thanks! That helps a bunch! Now is there any way you folks can release her in time for my birthday (next week)!
  6. Can anyone tell me how big she is? I am using a Yagun Oog (Warlord) and a couple of the new GW ogres (Hunter and Maneaters) as Hill Giants. All of these guys are around 50mm - 55mm. Will she fit in? I'm hoping so, as this is one of the sweetest female giant types that I have seen. Just a thought, but a size blurb on the Reaper online store could be a very valuable tool (although it wouldn't help with Talanka, yet)!
  7. Here's some more pics, from the back.
  8. He isn't riding a saddle - the next one that I do may have that mod. I may do a step by step how-to on the next one, seeing as I have plenty of web space to work with now.
  9. Here is another of my newest batch of Reaper minis. The witchfire on the sword is greenstuff:
  10. Wow, I haven't been on these boards in a long time! I thought I might show off what I've been up to! As soon as I saw the warlord goblin sergeant, I wanted to place him on a big nasty mount! Below is the result with the dark heaven moorehound.
  11. Hoo-boy, now I have alot to read up on! The reason I was planning on not going the metal route was that I have two young daughters (both <2 years) and don't want to even chance making them sick with fumes (even from pewter). Thanks all! I have to go start some research now!
  12. Hmm, I always wondered about this too. Enchantra or Orchid_Noir, can you post an example?
  13. Does anyone have any previous experience with mold making? I am working on a from-scratch mini right now, and if it turns out decent, I would like to make 2-3 more. Assuming that this will be done at home w/o any metal casting equipment and the figure may be somewhat non flat in nature, what I am looking at is: Can I make a liquid latex mold of a figure sculpted from green stuff? Is there any better mold making medium (I'm not looking at spending an arm and a leg)? What would be the best to make secondary figures from (i.e. clay, plaster, etc.)? What sort of release agent do I need to preserve my master copy? Can I get Reaper to make a mold of one for me and some metal minis if I promise to give one (painted!) to Ed???? (Just kidding! :p)
  14. I have to chime in on this one. As far as I have seen there isn't to much difference between mini paint and craft paint. My experience in mini paints is mostly with GW, Reaper, Ral Partha, and Armoury. I use Delta Ceram-coat for most of my mini painting needs. I do however extensively thin my paints, and often do at least 5-6 layers on any shade. I also mix my own shades, so color limitation doesn't really apply to me:D . I have never noticed a dry time difference. If the paints are not thinned, then craft paint will give you a grainy look. It will not blend well either. Some colors, specifically reds and yellows do not have quite the same pigment content in craft paints. If you are using them you [/b]will have to do multiple layers to get them to look right. The metallic paints for miniature specific paint has finer particles, making them flow on smoothly without the large clumps that craft paints will leave. Hope that helps! :D
  15. For standard bases I prime the base black. I spread a thin layer of liquid superglue and sprinkle fine beach sand on it. I then paint the sand one of many colors of brown that I use on a regular basis, then add anything else I want to (i.e. rocks, static grass, skulls, ect.)
  16. Definately more minotaurs, even if they are the beastial looking ones. I could even go for a few of the not so bovine, sharp toothed hairy ape with cow horn variety like in the new monster manuals. (eventually I am going to paint a minotaur with like a Jersey cow :p , just for the heck of it!). I'm glad to hear that a Bullette is comming out, but I wish we could get one that is fully above ground (I heard the new one will be partially submerged). Others that I would scoff up in a heartbeat (more complete list than before): Chuul Destrachan Lemure Ettercap Giants (as mentioned in the other thread!) Gibbering Mouther Githyanki (yeah these are on the way!) Githzeri Gorgon (bull, not medusa's sisters) Giant sized Hags (ala night hag) a huge Hydra (Gauth size? 11 headed?) more mind flayers (mmm....or whatever the reaper versions are called) Mummys / Zombies/ Skeletons / Ghouls w/o weapons & armour a second Ogre mage Purple Worm Remorhaz Rust Monster Shambling Mound Slaad (please oh please, I'm sick of using Vor Growlers!) more Werner Trolls! Xorn Yrthak
  17. Ask and yea shall recieve! :p NYA RPR 61001 Harmonious Jade $3.99 NYA RPR 61002 Panther $3.99 NYA RPR 61003 Arianna $3.99 NYA RPR 61004 Horned Snow Hunter $4.99 NYA RPR 61005 Avaku Fire Dragon Blooded $3.99 NYA RPR 61006 Roseblack $3.99 NYA RPR 61007 Dace Mercenary Captain $3.99 NYA RPR 61008 Swan Diplomat $3.99 NYA RPR 61009 Kejak Chejop Sidereal Exalted $3.99 NYA RPR 61010 Legionaries (2) $7.99 At least that's what alliance is listing so far. Doah, I should learn to read the posts in something other than reverse chronological order! Sorry Mengu, didn't mean to steal your thunder! :(
  18. I generally wait until I find them on sale. I've been pretty lucky so far. I picked up a few boxes of skaven minis for ratmen (S&S creature catelog) at $10 a piece. At 20 minis a piece (if I rember right) it works out to about 50 cents each. You get a cubic buttload of extra bits too, so that is always a bonus. I've found that if you wait until the evil empire revs their armys (always) you can get the 'old' stuff pretty cheap. It doesn't matter to me 'cause I use the minis for D&D anyhow, not warhammer! As far a reaper skeletons/zombies/ ect. I really hope they make some new packs for warlord. Alot of the older figs just don't suit my taste.
  19. Here's my wishlist Kobolds More undead (lower level, zombies, skeletons. ghouls, wights, wraiths) Fishmen (Kuo-Toas?) Archons (to counter all the cool demons) Complete the demon list Complete the devil list Shambling Mound Ettercap Complete the giant list (Stone, Storm, and Cloud)
  20. Darn it. And I could use more ghouls by the box :p .
  21. I guess I'm the only one who uses metal minis to represent a horde. I am at 40 some odd orcs, 40 goblins, 25 gnolls, 12 bugbears, 12 ogres, and looking to start my hobgoblin horde. As soon as I have extra throw away cash, I'll probably start getting some GW plastic skeletons/zombies/ghouls. I generally buy enough monster minis to represent a semi large group as detailed in the MM. An example is hill giant, which lists solitary, gang (2-5), raiding party (6-9), or tribe (21-30). I have 6 Hill giants, which is generally more than I ever need. (The Reaper guys are going to love when I place my order for 6 frost giants and 6 fire giants!) :D
  22. I'm kind of fond of a jewlers saw used to cut a 'v' in parallel with the toes to heel. I then use the dremel tool @ 10000 rpm with a metal rasp to remove the excess metal. Then file the remained flush with a jewlers file, and pin the foot to a plastic base (round for me!) Fill in any extra slots/holes/etc. with wood filler and away you go!
  23. For destruction proof bases, put down a layer of liquid superglue (I use the locktite from the brush on bottle). Then use very fine sand to cover this. Wait for it to dry and put whatever other items on that you want (flock, oregano, bits of wood, etc.) Paint it ; I generally make up a very thin mix of GW ink and whatever paint I want to wash it. I then use Testor's True Matte spray on finnish ( x3 coats), to seal the whole thing. Seems to work like a charm so far, and the colors aren't washed out like some sealants I've used before.
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