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  1. I ended up picking up 02451: Shawna Wolfsister :)
  2. my painting tip to shake the shaking is to watch the caffeine levels your using...too much during the course of the day can give you a hard time keeping still at the end of the night when your painting...if your like me and trying to paint after work. my big brush tip is to avoid paint pots and go with dropper paints like reaper master series or Vallejo, they make it easy to have consistent colors when thinning...a drop of paint and a drop of water (or flow reducer)
  3. I am "green" with envy at your painting abilities? :)
  4. awesome! http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02451 that knocks the socks off of blindly clicking around :) thanks!
  5. I am looking for a miniature of an axe wielding human sized woman but for the devil of me I can't find one...They all have swords or staves... does anyone know of one or thoughts on a good model to convert? norse themed would be awesome but might be stretching that a bit :) cheers!
  6. http://www.thed6generation.com/index.php?post_id=407458 There is a good podcast on the topic :) worth a listen imo
  7. fwiw, I think you could adapt a mess of scenarios from LOTR BSG for warlord :)
  8. I think a lot of the overreaction here is rooted more in the litigious nature of things here as opposed to actual medical reasoning.. the school that doesn't provide the safe place to eat and the bus that doesn't react in an 'appropriate' fashion opens itself to ungodly lawsuits tort reform would address much of that imo
  9. alternately I would suggest trying out something like http://sites.google.com if your making a website....they did a pretty good job at making it useful for mortal man :P and its endlessly easier then frontpage, which I was frankly surprised still existed in any way, shape or form.
  10. that was actually my impression from my limited experience with 4.0...that it was created to address integration issues the rpg and the crpg things like neverwinter nights were awesome, but it always felt that it was wedged into the rpg ruleset more then just influenced by it...now it seems the other way around, the rpg feels like it was wedged into something that a crpg would be great with.. if that isn't clear, sorry, I am sick :P
  11. thanks, fiction is all well and good and certainly plays a part in army choice...but I started this thread looking for specifics like 'army X is great for folks that like shootie things and army Y is great for folks that like head on bull rushes'. While you can't fit the armies into that kinda one dimensional showbox, some general play styles ought to be able to be associated with each army, multiple play styles even with the army sublists.
  12. that is my son's reaction with trace amounts of peanuts, he can even smell peanuts when they are in the air, which is why most airlines don't serve peanuts anymore hell of it is that you never know if the reaction might switch from vomit to anaphylaxis, could happen on any given allergic event hence the people avoiding said substance altogether
  13. if they stock that much then there ought to be a group playing the game there I would think warlord is a pretty fast game once you work out the rules, which are admittedly pretty complex.. sounds like you plugged into the right basic group of folks with your fiance there though so enjoy :)
  14. To find folks to play with I would look for a FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Shop) that has gaming nights. Here in nebraska we have a number of places that have games most every night of the week, warhammer, warhammer 40, lotr sbg, warlords, etc etc. When I started earlier this year, I stopped but the store (comic book shop with lots of metal stuff against one wall in boxes) and found the schedule, went to all the game nights and met folks and finally decided on a game and a night. Then one of the guys there was a good painter and took and hour or two and gave me some pointers...very much helpful.
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