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  1. Awesome tips everyone, thank you. I take it dropper bottles are the preferred style of paint containers here? :)
  2. So I attempted to transfer a pot of paint into one of the dropper bottles and had a bit of a mess on my hands. I tried to use an empty blister with the corner cut off as a funnel, but that didn't wind up working too well. How do you guys manage it? I'm loving the dropper bottles because it's just so much easier to get consistent amounts of paint onto my palette so I want to transfer a decent chunk of my paints to the droppers... [edit] I guess an alternate question would be how do you painters transfer paint from pots to the palette?
  3. Just giving this a little bump in hopes that we could get an updated recipe from Anne or Jen (or anyone else!). :)
  4. I mostly have MSP's, but I have a few pots of Pro Paints, a few things of GW paints (metallics, foundations), and a few things of P3 paints. I'm trying to find a way to keep the paints drying out when I start using a dimple palette instead of the wet palette since it's easier for me to mix colors in the dimple and mixing is something I want to start doing more often.
  5. So, uh, does anyone here use Gesso? I live in Georgia and the summers are quite hot and humid, plus I don't have much of a place to do outdoor spraying so I picked up a bottle of black liquitex gesso. The only problem I'm having so far is that when it shrinks, it tends to pull away from the tips of pointed objects like swords, spikes, etc.
  6. I'm looking to fill one of my fresh, empty Reaper dropper bottles with a mix of stuff to thin my paints with. I saw the article on The Craft and it mentioned two recipes: I was wondering if anyone else would want to share a a mix that they prefer and perhaps why they use that mixture.
  7. I'm not really sure where to post this to get some feedback. I certainly don't want to put them in the Show Off forum, so this is my best guess. If I'm in the wrong spot, sorry! I know I have a few places that need work: 1) Mold lines. Some of them hid from me until after I got the base coats on. Now that I know where they'll be, I'll be able to hunt them down easier. Mad Jack also gave me a nifty tip of using a thinned down wash after priming to point them out. 2) Brush control. It's hard to get the brush where I want it sometimes. Painting tiny fiddly bits isn't very easy. That's just something I have to practice, though. I have noticed less shaking since I've cut caffeine out of my diet. Still, after taking pictures I've noticed so many places where I just went over a bit... I'll touch those spots up before too long. 3) Highlights. I don't really have any on these models because I'm still working on how to use them. The last few tries I've done with layering a highlight looked awful and I just painted over it. I've been given a few tips on how to work on this (top-down mist of white primer on black primed models or taking a photo of them under a bright lamp and having it up on my monitor while I paint). It still feels odd to try and force light onto a miniature that can be observed from a variety of angles. I just have to get used to this. 4) The bases aren't done, but I do plan on getting to them once I decide on a color scheme. More pictures: Group shot: http://i39.tinypic.com/2wdxea9.jpg Close ups: http://i39.tinypic.com/2jeoebq.jpg http://i43.tinypic.com/9ghxc2.jpg http://i43.tinypic.com/23m920z.jpg So... yeah. These are my first guys and I would appreciate feedback on how to improve them.
  8. Ack, 6 triads are rotated out each year? I was not aware of this. :(
  9. Thanks a bunch for the handy tips. I feel a bit more confident that I won't completely destroy these $20 brushes, so now it's time to paint!
  10. So, the brushes I was using to get started in the hobby (the Reaper ones) are starting to fray and lose their point. I figured this would be a good time to swap over to my Windsor & Newton brushes that I have been avoiding because I was afraid I'd damage them. ;) So, aside from not jamming their tips into my brush water jar and keeping paint out of the ferrule, what do I do to keep them in top condition? I have some Pink Soap and a tub of "The Masters" Brush Cleaner. Also, are therea ny methods of painting I should avoid to keep my brushes in good condition? I know drybrushing is hard on brushes, but what about stippling? Should I mostly use the sides or tip of the brush when I paint? And if anyone has a method to stop my hands from shaking, I'd love to hear it. So far the best advice I have been given was to drink alcohol, but I'd rather avoid drunken painting. :)
  11. Thanks, Anne! That's a handy way to describe them that helps me picture how they look.
  12. Yes, I kind of got that feeling. I haven't considered using blue or brown as a highlight for black. I especially like the idea of blue highlights and I'll have to give that a try sometime in the future. I'm getting an empty dropper bottle for the same reason. This does remind me to try out the Future wax, though. I haven't messed with anything like Future, flow improvers, retarder, or anything that isn't "paint" or "water" so far. Okay, I think I'll get the fair and tanned flesh triads as well as the neutral greys. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.
  13. Well, I've done some work on my first miniature. It's not quite done, so no pictures yet. I do have a few more questions about paint, so if anyone can help me out that'd be great. I'm looking to add some greys to my collection. I want it mostly for highlighting black and painting fur/hair, but I'm not sure which color(s) to get. Katie mentioned way back that she uses the Dark Elf Flesh triad to highlight black, so that's something I've been considering. However, I don't have access to the actual paints so I have to go by online swatches which don't always give the best representation. Does anyone have some feedback on how the different MSP greys look? I'm eyeing the Dark Elf Flesh triad (which seems to be a purple-grey), the Neutral Greys Triad (Stormy, Cloudy, Misty), the Stone Colors Triad (Shadowed Stone, Stone Grey, Weathered Stone) and the Cold Greys Triad (Stormcover, Coldstone, Icy). That's a lot of stuff to choose from! I'm also looking to expand my flesh colors to allow me to paint things that are, well, flesh colored. I assume the Dark Skin Triad and the Medium Skin Triad would be pretty good at what their names imply. Does anyone have experience with the flesh triads?
  14. Most of my touch-ups are due to the miniatures being so darn small and me not being used to painting. I'm actually surprised how quickly the paint dries. I can be base coating one color and the first parts will be dry before I'm even finished. Of course, that might be because I'm still kind of slow...
  15. Well, I spent a bit of time today working on my first miniature. I got tired of not figuring out what color scheme I wanted, so I just grabbed my skin color and went to work. An hour or two later, and I have most of a base coat done. It's messy and not a very good scheme, but I'm glad I started. Anne: I'm still working on finding a good way to mix the paints. I'm using a toothpick to drop water onto the palette, but I think I'll eventually get an eye dropper (or a bunch of empty Reaper bottles!). My first attempt at thining was way too much water. The second was much more manageable. I guess it's one of those things that just takes practice. I'm using Pine Green as the base and fiddling with it from there. I'll either highlight with Kilt Green (from the RPP line, thanks Jack!), Field Green, or try my hand at mixing and putting a drop of Yellow Sunlight in the Pine Green. I was given a pot of the GW Thraka Green Wash, so I'm going to try that after the highlights to see how it turns out. I've also thought of having a light green as the base (Field Green, Kilt Green [RPP], Emerald Green [RPP]) and giving it two or three washes with a darker green just to see how it turns out. I'll be doing a fair bit of experimenting, I think. Good thing I managed to find a place that sells Simple Green. I have to say, this gives me a new appreciation for all those carefully painted miniatures I've seen. I'm not even done with the base coat and I see four or five places that need touching up already.
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