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  1. Concidering i'm a big Kaiju freak, i'm already sold on this game. somehow i missed this game. how can you not love a game based on some kaiju kicking each other's tail? unfortunately, there are no hobby shops in the city. only thing here is the GW HQ. So i am going to have to order it from online. Question is, what should i buy? the starter, a monster booster, and two unit boosers? Also, it says the starter has some preset units. what are they? any pointers on things to buy? thanks!
  2. it needs a laser gun. way to go, uberfroschmeister.
  3. yes. i would like to see more sligg as well. i'd like to see a Sligg leader type as well. not to be confused with this slig tho: http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Slig
  4. i actually really like the idea of Mutant League Football. Wasnt that a cartoon way back when?
  5. While i dont live now, i spet 5 months there in the past and i will say that there is more people there into Reaper then you think. I knew a few people there that were. One person, Allison, as big into it. sadly, i have lost contact with her and am not sure she even is still up there. work may have moved her around.
  6. i have a Chaos Dwarf team that might like some field time as well as company...
  7. I'd love to see your conversions, I've got these ones :) Craig J. Brain I have to find them then unpack them. thinking about doing more and making a whole squad out of them. have a ten man squad for whenever AICOM comes out or to throw on the board for the next time i play Necromunda or 40k from greed workshop. gonna order some more and use the new futuristic guns from chronoscope. will post them when i get them.
  8. all he needs now is an energy weapon of some sort!
  9. found out. they are the capital. whatever the capital jump troopers are call, that's what they are.
  10. it's been so long since i have messed with warzone but i think the american corporate looking dudes. i can picture how they look. jump troops with 2 hand flamers. dont remember names. the american looking guys. oh and its Kevin. Used to be under the handle of DETHSTRYKER here. been in the mini and large scale model biz for a while now. conversions is what i enjoy the most.
  11. yeah i have a grymn jump pack as well but i think the Warzone pack would look better.
  12. Since he is a little stunty, i say a little Jetpack from Warzone. Its about the right size and would allow him to get in your face with that claw.
  13. oh and as far as cleaning up a mess up on a sealed surface, take a damp Q-Tip and gently rub it away and start again. works best on a sealed surface.
  14. As for Testor's Dull Cote, any place that sells Testor's paints. Micheal's, Habby Lobby, Walmart are all great places to try. If you want a very good primer that is realitively cheap and is one of the thinnest o th market try Duplicolor White Sandable primer. Again an industry favorite for its very thin applications. Available at any car parts dealership like Autozone, O' Reilly's, or Nappa.
  15. why does the count down start at 2300 CST? Is that when Reapercon starts?
  16. also, Testor's Dull Cote is a very good sealer to try out when you get a chance. great stuff. oh and what Anne said is great advice aswell.
  17. Nah. Paint all you want over that. In the professional art world, we use Dull Cote to seal up a stage we really like before proceding. it wont mess a thing up. infact, if you mess up on the touch up, you can remove that paint easier without messing up the prior paint job. have at it and have fun!
  18. i would LOVE to see a list of ALL the factions. i have a few mini's of each army but nothing concrete.
  19. great tip is to store, any of the sculpting mediums (Aves, Procreate, Green Stuff, Whatever) in a freezer. this triples if not more, the life of the material. After a while, Green stuff wil develope a hard skin on it and eventually become a solid. trust me. i have had some for 7 years and its hard as a brick. Ask a lot of the sculptors, most freeze thir medium.
  20. I love these guys. always have loved you energy weapon conversios you do. Maybe one day i will get my mushroom men converted with weapons for AICOM. You still have your Frog Infantry for CAV?
  21. i'm interested in a comprehensive list myself. i have the first printing of the rulebook and the new pdf with a slew of mini's from various factions but cant decide on just one. or even two.
  22. i agree with the above in case AICOM becomes a reality. also would like to see some Rach, Malvernis, Adonese, Ritterlich, and Templar miniatures. Generic or otherwise. And personally, i would like to see a Sci-Fi Bathalian/Illithid/Mindflayer of sots with alien-esque armor and some kind of energy rifle.
  23. Intro to Film, Film Appreciation, and Engineering Materials and Standards were my all time favorite classes. I took Intro to Film on a whim and loved it. So much so that I took the next course as another elective. Great classes. Engineering Materials and Standards was great too. Boring as hell class but some of the best class mates. a really small class of only about 20 of us. after the third test there was 12 of us. we hung out a lot and got together outside of class a lot. some great girls and guys. some graduated and moved to other states or got married bu a few of us still get together at the local watering hole and have a few. I enjoyed these classes not only for the content (all but one) but also for some of the people who made up the class. we were all relatively older and more mature then the typical college crowd.
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