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  1. So after many many months of procrastinating about painting more Reaper miniatures, I finally get around to painting one. And it's, surprise, another elf. Hmm... I'm sensing a trend. Maybe it's because the elves are pretty? I haven't quite decided how to finish off his base, probably end up with water effects to compliment the muddy boots and cloak, and I'll definitely add some blood-like colors/splatters on his swords and outfit.
  2. See if P3 Khador Red Base is brighter than your current highlight color. Other than that, you can throw some red ink on it to intensify the reds and smooth things out, then re-highlight... or maybe mix some red ink in with your highlight color to add intensity. I'm just throwing things out because highlighting red is not really an easy task in my experience.
  3. This guy came from the Battle of Blackreach set. I don't know why, but I've been pushing to finish him over any other model I have right now (and I'm not currently playing my Ultramarines...). Any comments or criticisms are appreciated.
  4. I love how the face came out on Ebonscythe. The freehand on Tolzar's shield is pretty spiff too.
  5. *throws pottery* ... But seriously, it looks great. My only nitpick is that I can't tell what's peeking out of the bag. :)
  6. The three snowman revolutionaries (as I like to call them). I named them after the duck triplets of Disney fame: Huey, Dewey, and Louie. DEATH TO THE WARMBLOODS! Yeah, bad photos. But. Comments and criticism appreciated. I know the candy cane is not the best looking, by the way.
  7. I really like the color scheme on the mecha. Would you care to share the colors used?
  8. I'm an extreme slacker when it comes to painting miniatures, apparently. The number of miniatures actually completed and D-U-N stands at about nine; an Everblight Angelius, Victoria Haley, Coleman Stryker, Sebastian Nemo, Eiryss, Loryn Stormblade, the three Snow Goons. The number of miniatures started but unfinished is slightly lower than that. A Chaos Terminator Sorcerer, Hannah Blackruby, an unnamed Reaper orc with a huge freakin' sword, "Siege" Brisbane, two Journeyman Warcasters, and an Ultramarines Captain. This year I hope to finish an Eldar army and my Cygnar stuff. And to make Thursday nights the designated "Paint Minis" night. :|
  9. The skintones look great... except they get lost among the brown clothing. That's about the only negative I can see about your work here. Because the main cloth area is brown too, it just pulls the mini into a monotone brown zone. A more... cream color for the clothing would probably solve the problem, but that's just my opinion.
  10. Okay... using dialup, so I'll have to attach the photos when I'm back home... but. The Snow Goons (Huey, Dewey, and Louie). I figured they'd be best as one entry.
  11. It looks fine as is. If you want to add a bit more... well, I don't have a word for it, but it's an interesting effect that makes it more fire-like. Make a thin blackwash to put in the recessed areas to make it look smokey, then hit the entire thing with some kind of gloss coat so the reflections of the gloss layer make the fire look like it's dancing as you look at it in light. Yellow, orange, or red glaze might work better, so that the reflected light takes on a different hue than white. If you can find it, throw a coat of Kustom Kolors Tequila Sunrise on the flames instead of gloss or glaze. I used it on a balrog model, and it definitely gives an extra oomph to flames that I can't easily quantify. Sadly, Valspar canceled the Kustom Kolor line, so if you can find bottles of their enamels (especially their transparent and color-shifting paints), grab 'em while you can.
  12. Well, you're right, I think. I know I was kind of slow when I first started painting. At least you realize something that took me a few months to; you can always redo the messy bits. :D Much cursing and muttering you've saved yourself. Don't worry, you'll get faster with time (and probably more quickly than you realize too!). Speed tends to start showing up with improved brush control. So keep at it, you'll be miles better in no time, and in a year you'll look back at your first minis and think "Man... these look really lousy compared to what I can do now..."
  13. Man. I know adults at my favorite game store who can't paint that clean or well. Keep up the good work.
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