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  1. As done as it's going to be I think. I turned it in, now we'll see if it wins. I think she looks pretty tasty.
  2. Making progress. The brown primer really made it look like chocolate, but I felt like I needed to shade those areas rather than leaving them solid.. Probably a mistake, but the part I tried it on has the complete wrong finish for chocolate so we'll see what I do next. I have some spray that's glossy and some that's matte. I think I'll try glossy first... we'll see! The skull is "done enough for me," the claws are good though the chocolate still needs shading to match the body now... And I just got some white sand that'll work perfect as sugar coating for the wing leather.
  3. Picture a chocolate donut with sprinkles! It'll work, I think. Neutral colors with bright colors look great, it'll make them pop.
  4. Gotcha, I'll test it on another mini first
  5. Ooo that sounds cool. Though it actually made me realize I have some clear nail polish that might achieve a similar effect. Hopefully that works ok. Thanks!
  6. Oh ok, good to know. I was thinking of using some sprinkles, so maybe I'll spray them with something first.
  7. Thanks, the gemstone thing is a great suggestion, I'll look into that. I did a little googling and saw someone saying their army looked like it was made out of chocolate after being primed in brown, and I actually have some brown primer so I'll try that on the limbs since they're separate. Hopefully it'll look right without much work. I might use actual candy and seal it but I think it'd be better to avoid that when possible just for the longevity of the mini. But I'm not above doing that if needed. Thanks!
  8. Possible ideas...need him to look delicious
  9. So I'm about to enter a small painting contest and while I think I'm *ok* I have a few specific questions on how to achieve a certain look. I want to paint my bones Kaladrax from the original kickstarter. And I want him to be either guarding a candy horde OR be made of candy. Maybe both. My question is, what's the best way to get a nice chocolaty finish? I figure the leathery part of his wings can be something like sour-patch-kids texture, his claws can be 'candy coated' which is semiglossy, but his bones could just be chocolate. I just want to make sure I get that sheen right. Also is there a good way to paint something to look transparent? Any tutorials would be super helpful. I thought maybe I'd do a few bits as "twizzler" or gummy or jolly rancher. I want to give those areas the translucent look without doing too make conversions (I just want to paint, ideally, since I'm already doing a big mini with a big of a diorama. Conversions seem even more over-the-top.) The other option would be to give him a 'sugar skull' look. He's already a skeleton so that might be pretty. And I could still surround him with candy. Or maybe just do his skull that way? Any opinions would be welcome. Oh also I have a 3d printer so I could print some fake candy to add to his base and cover the rocks and stuff a little. and also some REAL candy, because why not.
  10. You were looking for a Dresden Filesque figurine. If you could make the torch he's carrying more staff-like the Sam Ayers, Pulp investigator figurine could make a passable Harry.

  11. I heard somewhere that we're not allowed to have a trading thread, is that true? :o
  12. to update my own idea, I talked to Ron in the comments of the KS and he actually told me about another company that used to make some official whitewolf minis. So assuming it'd be a pain to then get a license, I'd settle for some 'generic folklore' and 'non-wod' minis I guess. :P
  13. This would be great, and could double for steampunk/victorian/deadlands depending on the details. Some not-downton-abbey characters would be funny.
  14. I really feel like they could make more character minis, non-violent ones. They don't have to be specific careers or tropes, they could just be people. It may not seem interesting but i'm sure they could do something.. :)
  15. Scroll back about 8 pages or so. Or, wait patiently, and I'll link you back to the post. ~v got it, thanks! you da best
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