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  1. They're pretty but honestly I don't see the appeal, most gamers want a few sets on them and you can't roll in the 'box' either... It's nice and I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy it but notforme. I have a nice cigar box with a clasp that I use to store my dice sometimes. You can get those at cigar shops for like nothing and they smell really nice too. I would recommend that to anyone looking for a classier way to store their dice (at home anyway, not the best for travel.) But it's nice to see this sort of kickstarter doing well. They really are pretty boxes and the magnets are neat. :)
  2. This. Absolutely. You had an idea of something amazing around the corner, with no idea whether it would be free or what it would cost but you just HAD TO KNOW.. I would prefer if they did that if only to keep clear what was revealed and what was earned etc. So maybe a grey background with a whosthatpokemon until we see what it is, then we get the real colour but desaturated, with the image showing up correctly... then when it's earned we get the bright colour and it moves to the front page.
  3. I was just hoping for something like a bunch from the same army, or a few addon sets or..something. And maybe the rule books? That'd actually be pretty cool, maybe as pdf's even. This is the perfect place for them to promote their game, I hope they do. edit- but i do realise this will get me some minis to start an army, and a cheap scorpion is going to save me a ton. it's certainly more than nothing by a lot ;)
  4. woopwoop group2 I like the sylvan creatures. I hope we get an underwater set too, maybe some other biomes or whatever. I'm going to find some system of drawers or storage cases where I can label them "male adventurers" and "dragons" etc and sort all my minis. Then for decades whenever I need one I'll know where to look. I'm really pulling for some warlord minis though. I would love to be able to play Warlord but as it stands a metal army is a bit too pricy, even though the game doesn't require huge armies. If they converted that line to bones an army would cost almost nothing and the game would be ridiculously affordable, even without the kickstarter savings. gogonefsokar
  5. Hopefully this time the forum badges will be given to everyone ;.; I never got an email about it and I missed the thread, maybe they'll make it simpler this time :) I've got lots of money this time even though I haven't painted any of the minis from last time... Still gonna spend millions Can't wait for the /tg/ threads, those were great
  6. ..test..? :O maybe i'm not too late? Oh ok, yea, it's over. Damn... I wish there'd been an email or something, I usually don't log in to the forums and when I read I only look at certain things, I'm not that active. hm..
  7. Ah just saw this... I didn't know we had to do something, I totally forgot about that part. Was it in an email? D: edit- found badginator..maybe it'll work..hm
  8. Ah yes.. I think anything for an army is the way to go, the material works so well for that method. It's nice for to-look-at minis, it's nice for tabletop rpg minis, but for armies the perks just blow my mind. It occurs to me that I didn't see any mounted characters really, so that might be something worth looking into. Every now and then you have a paladin who has a special mount, so actually having the SAME sculpt- one on horseback, one on foot- would be really cool. At least for paladins, to start.
  9. I'd like to see the warlord line eventually, or even new sculpts for the armies. If you could create a wargame with an army that is lightweight, durable, inexpensive and looks good that doesn't require a suitcase and foam to carry it you would make millions. But specifically I like Nefsokar. Would love a kickstarter for the warlord line in general, since this one was mostly dark heavens and other stuff. The other ones I'd like to see is anything Pathfinder as those sculpts are all amazing, and the Deadlands minis. eta- And I'll second the 'mook' idea from upthread. I have a lot of the cheap prepainted plastic D&D minis off miniature market, and while there are a lot of potential character minis and monsters most of them are generic looking badguys, because that's what you usually need the most of.
  10. Would love for a new learn to paint kit.. like an update. The old ones are a little dated. The bones are a great learning tool I think because no primer and they're cheap. So maybe a real 'course' so to speak, rather than a few kits? Like for 50 ducks you get 10 bones minis, a few bottles of paint, 2 brushes and maybe a little pallet or something. And of course a guidebook that'll take you from a beginner to the intermediate level. A basing kit would be cool too, though it's not really reaper's "thing." Maybe something to explain conversions, greenstuff, all that more advanced stuff in a part 2 kit. The real key is to make something worth the money that FLGS's will be happy to recommend to people starting the hobby, even if they intend to play 40k or whatever. Even if they aren't big reaper fans it should be like.. a good gift for someone who wants to learn to paint, or improve skills.
  11. Warlord and CAV, probably.. if they did it I mean. I don't know the rules of kickstarter but I think just another "expand the line" ks wouldn't fly. But if they were just trying to relaunch their game and get more people to plaaaay
  12. I guess I'll go ahead and add to the list. Warlord. I would love to see some warlord armies available for... well, yknow, a lot less than they cost now. "Proxy" minis from Dark Heaven would be good too. I know this is a big project so I can't expect Reaper to crank it out until well after they'd caught up with their current agenda but it would be awesome to see one day. Hey maybe a kickstarter next year for Warlord. Could include books and whatever is needed to play, and really expand the player base. Other than that I'd say the Iconic Pathfinder minis are all amazing and high quality, and maybe the Savage World/Deadlands ones. Things like decor/terrain would be nice, I know there are a lot of things like tombstones and scenic bases etc that'd be great to have cheaply made and easy to paint quickly. Obviously Reaper's not going into the terrain business but I'm thinking 'accessories,' which they already have both in sets (and conversion packs!) and accompanying various minis (wizard with a book on a pedestal, that sort of thing.)
  13. Why are so many of you jumping down OP's throat? 1- She's right, it's a good idea and not that outrageous to ask for. 2- It's a suggestion, she didn't ask for FREE minis or more options. She's asking for the ability to buy more of the minis we're getting already, for the set of 30 to be split up a bit so she can buy multiples of specific minis without buying the whole 30 twice. It's not going to happen, it'd be a bit of work for reaper and it's probably too late but it's still a good idea. It'd be great if they did it, and she's allowed to suggest it without so much "what're you retarded?" I mean seriously, the guy above me actually asked if it was a troll thread, as if the condescending tone and patronising "go watch the faq" wasn't enough. That's just @#!&ing rude and unneccesary, and I'm betting you didn't even read her entire post. You just assumed she was asking for more- which she's not- and decided to treat her like crap. Friggin ridicks yo
  14. Anyone else wishing we got this accessory with Mister Bones? The pewter boat and lanterns will run about 14$ so it's worth it if you want a cute diorama.. but bones material would be nice. We'll see what turns up next March. Maybe there'll be some painting contests that'll make it worthwhile to invest. I'd love to have the boat in some dark water run up on an island of gravesoil, with little tombstones poking out? And of course Mister Bones standing there with a muddy shovel. So beeeeast...
  15. I bought the paint sets 1&3 so I'm going to need to pick up some primer for the metal reaper minis I have laying around. The plan is to get them 100% painted and done before March. Unfortunately I think Reaper is more reliable than I am, so... we'll see how well I achieve my goal.
  16. Thanks for the help guys. I've got plenty of reaper minis from D&D characters and whatnot, and my BF and roommates have warhammer and warmahordes armies so proxying won't be hard. I'm going to try to get a few games in and see how it goes. They want me to play the games they do, but I really don't care for the armies as much as the reaper ones. Unfortunately I can't really explain WHY and that leads to frustration I think. The fact that NOBODY around here plays Warlord doesn't really help... but maybe I'll get some people to start playing. I could be a trend starter at my FLGS :3
  17. Thanks! So, what books do I need to get? The 2nd edition one for the new rules, and what? Are the datacards enough?
  18. I want to start playing Warlord, but the description for the 2nd edition book has a list of armies... not including this one. So, do I need a second book as well or are Nefsokar in there too? Also, does anyone know where I can find the printable datacards? This thread - http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22368-printable-pdfs-of-all-data-cards/ - has dead links to a .pdf, and I can't find them anywhere else. I have no experience playing wargames, only painting reaper minis for tRPG characters. How many models should I be looking to get to start? My FLGS is having a painting contest soon and I want to use that to start my army, since I have to paint three from one "unit." Unfortunatley nobody there plays this, so it's hard to get help..
  19. You could always drybrush some coloured metallic on, then gloss the whole thing for good measure. Reaper even makes a paint called 'pearl.'
  20. I started with the fur/armour learn to paint kit, which came with a few useful bottles and some little containers with small servings of the paint needed for the minis. It was a nice way to get a couple useful colours that I didn't need much of (blue, yellow etc) I don't think I could name 20 paints but some I'd get.. (Not actual names, just descriptions of colours, sorry.) >Dark Brown >Medium brown ('leather' colour) >Black >White >Off-white(s) >Red >Dark green >Golden blonde(?) Great for, well, blonde hair! I've also used this colour for a sunny glow effect. >Silvers I have a few including the metallic black and pearl white, they work well together if you don't like NMM >Gold (Just one will probably be fine) >Skin. This depends a lot on what you're painting. Fair and Tanned skins are nice. I like the Dark Elf Skin paints but not for skin.. I just use it as a grey usually. Honestly I wouldn't go buy 20 paints to start with.. the paint can get goopy sitting around unused, you might be better off just starting small and getting what you need on a case-by-case basis. Some things it might be good to pick up right away, but 20 sounds like a lot. :)
  21. You do now. My Orcs and goblins are perfect as bad guys and I've used the character models a few times. But do you use minis you already own or do you ever buy them solely to use in an RPG? I couldn't imagine spending 20-or-so bucks on a character miniature just to use as a PC unless I played the army already.
  22. Recently while talking to friends who play Warhammer, I was saying that Reaper has superior miniatures over what GW puts out. They say that I'm just a fangirl and that they actually prefer GW's sculpts to Reaper's. Now I've never seen a Warhammer mini I liked, and while I've seen some less-than-desireable older Reaper minis I'd say it's pretty much no contest. However in the spirit of fairness I'd like to see some actual comparisons. I suppose what I'd need is images of the unpainted GW minis that fans of their products consider the cream of the crop, likewise for Reaper. I want to prove to these guys that Reaper minis are the best (not to mention lower priced and made of pewter.) SO if anyone feels up to a little challenge, would you care to share with me your favourite Reaper minis? The ones that really show off the superiority of the sculptures Reaper sells and if possible the benefits of casting in Pewter as opposed to Plastic. If you happen to know of any GW minis you like, please feel free to post those. I'm going to try to get my friends to tell me their favourites and hopefully I can find images other than the painted ones on their site. I don't think it's necessary but any bragging you'd like to do on reaper would also be appreciated. Why their paint is amazing, why their game is better, etc. I've got to win this argument. Thanks!
  23. I'm pretty amateur but I painted two minis with 'glow' affects, I just did some drybrushing of a light/bright colour. I don't have good photos.. sorry. Just think about where the light would be hitting the person, and if you want to get really into it when painting the whole miniature remember that the light source is just that. The side of the mini that isn't facing the fire should be darker. A hint of orange flickering in the mini's eyes will make it look like it's dark except the torch/campfire/spell etc. Mr. Sundseth made a good point there- looking at stock images would probably be really helpful for this. Just look at what the fire looks like and the area around it, and the people. Look at the way their shadows look etc. :) Good luck, and post pics when you're done.
  24. The frog one is pretty good. I think I'm going to steal your idea for my Warhammer games :3
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