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  1. Oktobrefest? :P Halloween is an obvious theme, and usually has cool entries. Could either be scary stuff or like, costumed minis. Like.. dressed like a traditional witch or in a catsuit with little ears..you know? Trick or Treat. Of course the theme can just be the season itself. I'm not good enough to participate in a contest but I shall enjoy watching, no matter what the theme is. :)
  2. A shadow would work if painting the eyes is too difficult. I did a mini recently who had a hood, and I shaded from her cheeks up so you couldn't see anything. (was meant to copy a drawing where the artist did that.) Black to brown, like a really sharp dark shadow. It ended up kind of cool. Here's a pic.. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v115/k3lit0/Hara1.jpg Hope you can see what I mean.. pic is kinda bad.
  3. Is the piece of trash on her left raised up? It looks like it's blowing away in the wind. Maybe I'm just seeing things.. well, if it's intentional then: you are awesome. This is so cool.. you can really see that the wind is blowing her cape and the trash that way. I also love the shadow on her, and the coke can etc. Might be better if the barrel were a trash can, though? That's the only suggestion I can make. Overall it's pretty spectacular.
  4. Today I tried to strip a few minis while at work, since we had a huge container of Acetone and I saw it on the list here. I didn't see anyone commenting on it for metal minis so hopefully this will help someone in the future. :) First of all, Acetone shouldn't ever be used for plastic. This was mentioned up thread, but just to emphasise: it will completely melt the surface of anything plastic. My metal minis were superglued to primed plastic bases and they look like.. lava. It's kind of neat looking but they're also really flexible and the edges are goop. As for how long to soak I expected a few hours like people are suggesting for other chemicals. However, when I placed the first mini in I saw the Acetone growing cloudy immediately. After about 5 minutes I pulled her out and scrubbed her under the faucet with a tooth brush. The paint and primer came right off easily, though in the details there were a few little specs left (a better brush would probably get them out, through.) Oh and if you don't want your skin to get chalky and dried, gloves are recommended. <3 In conclusion, I've never used any other stripping material but I can't imagine anything else being better. (Unless you have a plastic mini or some conversion stuff) It literally took 10 minutes total to get all three minis completely cleaned up. They look brand new. :)
  5. Thanks for checking that for me. I'll definitely be picking one up in that case, and if the conversion goes well I'll post pics in the craft forum. <3 Thanks! You rock! Beast customer service for sure.
  6. The mini in question: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/skeleton/latest/03357 I was wondering what the boneyard section of this mini's page meant by 'Head.' Basically I want to make a mask that looks like a creepy animal skull, so if I could buy just that horse's head that would save me a lot of $$ (rather than throwing down the full 20 bucks.) So, have any of you bought this mini? Did the horse's head come separate? That's kind of what I'm asking, sorry if I make no sense. :P Thanks in advance, and I hope this is the right part of the forum for such a question. <3<3
  7. Ah amazing! I had actually spent a while looking for a good miniature to represent a princess in an upcoming D&D game, but the best I could find isn't half as good as this. :3 It must be fate. I can't wait to see the awesome paint jobs people give her, since I'm sure mine will be pretty fail :P
  8. So I know there are already a few links to tutorials around but I made this one and thought someone here might benefit from it. There's no cutting cardboard in this so it might be easier for some people. There's also some very basic 'how to take macro photos without an expensive camera' info at the bottom. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/103/1/8/DIY_Lightbox_by_K3lit0.png The image is pretty big, sorry about that.
  9. Thanks! I think I'll be lazy and check out my local hobby shop for the Plastruct one, and if they don't have them I'll go the crafty route and build my own like Qwyksilver recommended. If the model turns out ok I'll post photos. :D
  10. Hello! I'm trying to make a mini that'll be standing on like a platform. I want there to be a ladder he climbed up, or possibly stairs, but I can't find one already made. Does anyone know a good place to get something like that? Thanks in advance. <3 eta- I should mention, I saw that Hirst Arts casting providers sell the gallows kit which includes stairs, so that'll be my plan B unless anyone knows of a ladder I could use. :)
  11. Does anyone know of any minis that might resemble a genasi? It's supposed to be a male stormsoul genasi from the 4th edition forgotten realms game. Basically he's a smallish human with pointed ears and some crystals poking out of his head, so I was thinking maybe I could convert that somehow or find something with horns that works. Is there a race in the reaper world that looks anything like a genasi? I don't know much about the actual game I just use the minis for D&D, but I know sometimes Reaper uses different words for the same monsters (ie- mind flayers) So, I was just thinking maybe someone with a better knowledge of the game and minis might have a few suggestions. Of course if I have to I can go with an elf and paint it blue but unique clothing and some weird features would be really cool. Oh, and he's a Warlock if that helps in clothing choice, but it can be dressed any way as long as it looks neat :) Thanks in advance. Sorry if this isn't the forum for this sort of question.
  12. I really like them, did you make their faces slightly different intentionally or did you want them identical? I like that their clothing is the same, since they're guards and that's their uniform, but maybe making them look like different people in the same outfit? You could also bend their arms to give them different poses, but idk if that's what you were after or not... Really great paint jobs! I can't imagine making two minis the same, most of mine are accidentally the way they are! :P
  13. I think the bone horror or w.e is scary... skeletal horses, or at least the skulls, are really creepy to me. If you can convert try making something just weird, that's usually scariest. Did you ever see Pan's Labyrinth? Remember the scary part with the guy with eyes in his hands?! It was scary because it was like holycrapwtf, yknow? So, if you can, convert something to be just plain weird and creepy. Something...alien. Not literally, but like pseudo-humanoid features, sort of surreal, with like strange proportions and odd things near it. Oh, silent hill is another good example of that sort of scary!! :) just got thinking too, I wonder if there's a good 'little girl' mini, could go for a children of the corn/the ring creepy child thing, or maybe convert her hands to have claws and make her the witch from l4d..but that wouldn't be so scary probs... Er, sorry I kind of went off track. I vote Bone Horror or some other skeletal horse-type thing. http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/14185 http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02020 http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03233 ^^^That's pretty freakin' creepy too
  14. That sounds perfect for the bear! I have a mini to test it on too, some shirtless guy that came with a learn to paint kit :P I'll try that and hopefully I'll have an armoured bear to post when it's done! Thanks!!
  15. I have the Dire Bear reaper mini and I want to give it chainmail barding, and I have no idea how. I assume sculpting? Can anyone point me at tips/info on the best way to do this? I also have the velociraptor mini(s) and need to make it into a Shaman, I figure I'll add some native american themed clothing to it but I, again, have no idea how to do that. I have no experience sculpting but I am open to suggestions.... Is this sort of thing possible?
  16. That sounds really neat. You can probably mix the two colours together for where the spots meet but I'd say just look at some lawns/fields where different types of grass are together and see how they look irl. I know of a friend whose lawn is a different grass type than his neighbours so it always looks a different colours, it's VERY obvious in winter because it dies, and in their yard they just have these big green patches from their neighbour's grass growing in theirs, and vice versa.. If you want I can snap a photo or two for reference? :) so uh, yea, I think putting some of grass A on grass B's side in splotches where it's started to grow would look natural, as well as actually mixing up some of A and B to make it really blended.. that'd be neat! :X I'm not really an expert on grass, though.
  17. Could try coating your towel in something like sand to give it texture... maybe like a very fine but less round/uniform substance... Maybe a cloth 'paper towel.' We use them at work(frame shop) to clean glass without residue or static.. they're very strong, they're sort of like.. those moist towelettes you get. They're thin and more cloth-like than the bumpy paper towels you see. Maybe rough it up a bit like someone said, use a emery board or something to get some fuzziness. Or you could always buy a high thread count sheet and cut it up if you like wasting money. :)
  18. Thanks, I'll try to work on that!
  19. I'm just posting a new batch of photos here, rather than making a new thread. I touched up some, added/fixed bases, and there are a few new ones. All comments/critique/tips are welcome! Also the pictures should be slightly better quality this time around. I made a nice little lightbox out of mats and paper, I got a tripod and I used photoshop to clean them up a little. They're still somewhat blurry in parts and you can't see colour/details as well as in real life, but it should be good enough. Better view of some bases. :) Sorry for the massive post, maybe I should spread them out a bit more from now on.. sorry! :) I do have a few more I need to photo, I'll post them next time :D Thanks for looking!
  20. Oh thanks, I saw your post a while back and that's sort of what got me thinking on the whole thing, that is making something to remember the campaign. That's a good point, about not attaching them. I was thinking of chopping off their bases and making it all one big thing but I think whether or not I do that will depend on whether this is a 'toy' or 'art' in the end, if it turns out looking REALLY cool and costing me bank I might just get the glass case for the top (i work in a frame shop so that's easy) and maybe sticking a brass plate on it... but if it's just a fun little thing it might be nice to reuse the minis for other campaigns.. :D Thanks for the tips all y'all, it's really helping. When/if I do this I'll be sure to put a WIP up.
  21. Thanks, I'm glad to hear it works- won't have to spend time trying and failing haha.. I'll try the lint, most of my clothing is neutral toned so it's easy enough to get greys or blacks, but can you paint it? I was thinking it'd be cool to have some noxious gas type stuff, maybe greenish or red or something. and for steam or a tiny bit of smoke on a regular mini's base, it'd need to be a TINY wispy bit of lint or cotton, do you think that'd work?
  22. Thanks for the reply. Where can I buy pre-cast terrain? Like, someone casts the hirst ones and sells the pieces because that'd probably be perfect, save me some money and time... I don't think I'd scale it down because some of the minis are already made for the game and I want to use them. Not all of us use reaper ones in this game but from now on we are, all other games and the new one have nice painted ones by me so it'll be easier/cheaper to do next time, as the minis will be done. I'd like to keep them all alike, if I do them. :)
  23. I was wondering what you guys thought of this idea and if you had any advice Our campaign is ending and I was thinking it might be cool to immortalise our minis in a diorama type setting. I thought maybe I could make like a dungeon using Hirst Arts moulds (don't own any, I'd have to buy anything I used for terrain) and get the Pit Fiend mini reaper makes, since that's the final boss we'll be fighting. A few of the characters have painted reaper minis and a few use the D&D ones, but I could put them all in there fighting him and put the whole thing on a shelf in the room we play in. I guess my questions are Have any of you ever done anything like this? What would you recommend for the terrain since we'll never be using it again (ie- don't want to waste money) Ok to use D&D minis with reapers in something like this, or should I go all out and get everyone nice ones? The minis would never actually be used for play, so that would add to the cost of just the diorama... Should I put it in some sort of display case with glass or just sit it down? Ideas on that? It's another 100 bucks, probably, I don't know how classy I should make this ESPECIALLY since it'll probably become a tradition now, I can do it with each campaign. Should the minis be attached to the diorama? Removable for use or just a part of it, and left to not be messed with? Thoughts? Sorry for asking so many dumb questions on here, but my friends are pretty apathetic about the mini/painting scene so I get no feedback over there. edit- And how big is the Reaper mini "02895: Agramon, Pit Fiend", I'd like it to be the same size as the one in the D&D 3.5 monster manual.
  24. I was wondering, is there any way to make things like this in bases? Fire, steam, smoke, maybe acid or magic? Basically abnormal basing, not rocks or sand or architecture but the weird stuff like that. Does anyone have any ideas or links to tutorials for these things? Specifically I'd like to know how to do the steam/smoke/gas and possibly fire. I have pretty much no idea on any of these 'intangible' things but I've not been doing this very long so I hoped someone with more experience would be able to come up with something (or hopefully already has) For fire I was thinking maybe something similar to the gel stuff people use for water? If I could get it to set up in a way that resembles it, and maybe colour it with food colouring? I suppose hot glue could work for that as well, but the colour would be harder to add probably. Do you guys think that'd work? I've never used the water stuff, I don't know how thick it is or if you can colour it, though it seems like you should be able to.. For steam and smoke the best I could come up with is tearing bits off a cotton ball or something and ... I don't know, using hair spray to make it solid? That would be good for a thick smoke and I could probably paint it too, but I'm still open to better suggestions. And of course for all of these I could probably sculpt something but I've never done that either so I'm leaning towards a more 'arts and craftsy' solution. Thanks in advance.
  25. The bronze age ones look good but it says 28mm, does that matter? How big will that be? That might be ok because he has an item to grow him to large size, so he could use it for that tbh. Thanks for the tips. If I buy the reaper one I'll PM you herzogbrian, but this one actually looks better tbh! Thanks either way, I appreciate it. :D
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