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  1. It just depends. Personally I like the true scale models because they are way cooler looking.
  2. Actually it kind of does. The OEM Rhino is the original design manufactured by KDM and sold across the galaxy. The Faction Rhino is the upgraded version utilizing the latest in advanced parts which is only offered by to the Ritterlich forces. You're assuming that OEM is the best way to go, but that's doesn't have to be true in this case.
  3. <start shameless plug> Hey guys, this is all great stuff and I would love to have yall posting htese kind of observations over at the Mil-Net Boards. This will really help us as we start developing the first round of products to know what you would like to see. </end shamelss plug>
  4. Hey, you all brought this on yourselves.
  5. That's what I like to hear! I needed an ego boost today. As for making Bryan look good, do we get bonus points for that?
  6. Thanks dude, glad you like it! I recently lost my Ymrilix, the first Overlord I ever painted. I was crushed, devestated and seriously PO'd that someone had lifted it during the last convention! So 3 weeks later I am pulling minis out and there it is, right where it belongs, in it's spot in the case. My buddy and I went through ever case I have looking for that dang thing, and neither of us saw it. Doesn't make any sense, and no one had access to the case but us. I guess Ymrilix just needed a vacation or something and snuck out. I have since installed iron bars on his slot in my case to prevent him sneaking off again. I agree about the Crossbow Sgt., but I think Lorenth is fine as a Zephyr Sgt. Of course, I never use Crossbowmen in an all XBow unit. Overlord Crossbows are best used with other units taking advantage of Ranked, IMNSHO.
  7. Another fun trick with Strach... Run near base to base with a bunch of slaves. Cast stun. Watch Slaves eat stunned heavily armored soldiers for lunch. You can do this with a mage too, but with Strach it's not a suicide mission.
  8. A smart player can gain a huge advantage using this ability right. A smart, patient player...
  9. 666 goblins? I wonder how many Bondslaves I can pack into a 10,000 point army.
  10. My first review. I'm not sure if I want to read it or not. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. That's what I keep saying about Bondslaves and Phalanx Units.
  12. True, there are additions, but the existing abilities did not change.
  13. I would concur with all of the above and add a few more points. Chevaliers are cool, but I personally find them underpowered as solos. The only place I have been able to effectively use them is in an Onyx Legion list. Matisse is usable at any level of game. Well within reason I guess, a 500 point game might be a little low for a Warlord model. Still he is a beast when pimped out with armor and weapons and I use him all the time in 1000 point games. Just don't be afraid to move him up and let him do the damage. Arik is a must. Originally he was not a part of the Onyx legion list, but i like the addition. He is now in all 3 lists I believe, so very versatile. Ymrilix is another must, I think. The dude is a pure killing machine and I use him in nearly every army list I play. Sad thing is, someone ripped mine off at the last con. Can you say distraught. Followers of Khardullis...this is a tough list. The main reason is the shear number of models you need to paint. Gobs and gobs of bondslaves and survivors. Personally I like to mix troops with Lorena, 4 daughters and 10 Survivors. Incarnation of Flame. I have used this ever since I got the model and it rocks. On the surface it seems lackluster statwise, but in practice it is very effective. Not to mention an awesome model. Selthak the Poisoner...Sniper with poison. What more can you ask for?
  14. No, no, I didn't think you were being too negative. Just pointing out a couple things I saw differently. Yes, as far as I know. It allows you to make a combat action, which would include firing off a spell.
  15. No, crossbowmen are still adepts. I think Storm is confusing the final with an earlier version. In the version I submitted they were non-adepts, but it was just too powerful. Wrap 4 crossbowmen in a troop of Phalanx and it's bad. Do that 3 times in a 1500 point army, and it is insane! Hunter's Edge is little different too, but I don't have the final text in front of me. It's based off the size of your opponent's force, kinda like the Nefsokar ability, but I don't recall the final point values.
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