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  1. It just depends. Personally I like the true scale models because they are way cooler looking.
  2. Actually it kind of does. The OEM Rhino is the original design manufactured by KDM and sold across the galaxy. The Faction Rhino is the upgraded version utilizing the latest in advanced parts which is only offered by to the Ritterlich forces. You're assuming that OEM is the best way to go, but that's doesn't have to be true in this case.
  3. <start shameless plug> Hey guys, this is all great stuff and I would love to have yall posting htese kind of observations over at the Mil-Net Boards. This will really help us as we start developing the first round of products to know what you would like to see. </end shamelss plug>
  4. Hey, you all brought this on yourselves.
  5. That's what I like to hear! I needed an ego boost today. As for making Bryan look good, do we get bonus points for that?
  6. Thanks dude, glad you like it! I recently lost my Ymrilix, the first Overlord I ever painted. I was crushed, devestated and seriously PO'd that someone had lifted it during the last convention! So 3 weeks later I am pulling minis out and there it is, right where it belongs, in it's spot in the case. My buddy and I went through ever case I have looking for that dang thing, and neither of us saw it. Doesn't make any sense, and no one had access to the case but us. I guess Ymrilix just needed a vacation or something and snuck out. I have since installed iron bars on his slot in my case to prevent him sneaking off again. I agree about the Crossbow Sgt., but I think Lorenth is fine as a Zephyr Sgt. Of course, I never use Crossbowmen in an all XBow unit. Overlord Crossbows are best used with other units taking advantage of Ranked, IMNSHO.
  7. Another fun trick with Strach... Run near base to base with a bunch of slaves. Cast stun. Watch Slaves eat stunned heavily armored soldiers for lunch. You can do this with a mage too, but with Strach it's not a suicide mission.
  8. A smart player can gain a huge advantage using this ability right. A smart, patient player...
  9. 666 goblins? I wonder how many Bondslaves I can pack into a 10,000 point army.
  10. My first review. I'm not sure if I want to read it or not. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. That's what I keep saying about Bondslaves and Phalanx Units.
  12. True, there are additions, but the existing abilities did not change.
  13. I would concur with all of the above and add a few more points. Chevaliers are cool, but I personally find them underpowered as solos. The only place I have been able to effectively use them is in an Onyx Legion list. Matisse is usable at any level of game. Well within reason I guess, a 500 point game might be a little low for a Warlord model. Still he is a beast when pimped out with armor and weapons and I use him all the time in 1000 point games. Just don't be afraid to move him up and let him do the damage. Arik is a must. Originally he was not a part of the Onyx legion list, but i like the addition. He is now in all 3 lists I believe, so very versatile. Ymrilix is another must, I think. The dude is a pure killing machine and I use him in nearly every army list I play. Sad thing is, someone ripped mine off at the last con. Can you say distraught. Followers of Khardullis...this is a tough list. The main reason is the shear number of models you need to paint. Gobs and gobs of bondslaves and survivors. Personally I like to mix troops with Lorena, 4 daughters and 10 Survivors. Incarnation of Flame. I have used this ever since I got the model and it rocks. On the surface it seems lackluster statwise, but in practice it is very effective. Not to mention an awesome model. Selthak the Poisoner...Sniper with poison. What more can you ask for?
  14. No, no, I didn't think you were being too negative. Just pointing out a couple things I saw differently. Yes, as far as I know. It allows you to make a combat action, which would include firing off a spell.
  15. No, crossbowmen are still adepts. I think Storm is confusing the final with an earlier version. In the version I submitted they were non-adepts, but it was just too powerful. Wrap 4 crossbowmen in a troop of Phalanx and it's bad. Do that 3 times in a 1500 point army, and it is insane! Hunter's Edge is little different too, but I don't have the final text in front of me. It's based off the size of your opponent's force, kinda like the Nefsokar ability, but I don't recall the final point values.
  16. OK, first off Stub, I think you are focusing too much on what is NOT in the sublists. They are, after all, sublists that are designed to give some flavor to the faction as a whole. This is especially true when you consider that the Warlords of the Overlords are all struggling with each other for power. Why then would General Matisse use a uniwue elite who is bound to Ashkrypt? (aka Rogran). Second, You are forgetting that any models can still be used in the main list. Don't want to be restricted, don't use the Onyx Legion list. Use Ashkrypt, Iks and a big pile o' phalanx units. Now, lack of elites. This I do agree with you on but something has to give in the way of balance. Plus, is the bevy of elites a Faction plus, or a plus of the default list? There has to be some reason to still play the default list, right? Here is how they break down: Onyx Legion: Pros: Heavy Armor, Range Attack Shutdown, Ability to use Chevies as elites or solos(major plus), ability to control the game flow with Hunter's Edge. Negative: No clerics. This is on purpose actually, both for fluff reasons and game play balance. Follwers of Khardullis: Pros: Mob, VoK as innate spell, Cleric heavy. Negative: Limited elite slots. Without this VoK innate is uberpowerful. Still Lorena is non-unique and she is a cleric with Mob. You won't get a troop of 20 like Iks, but a troop of 15 is still pretty nasty. Default List: Pros: Massive elite slots, lots of options, most flexible army list in the game thus far. Negative: Army Abilities a bit bland. Not bad, but bland. As for the Chevies, all through testing we've used them as both solos and elites at the same time. I don't have my copy in front of me, but that is how I intended the rule to be. However, rules and gameplay are Michael's baby, so we'll have to wait and see from him for a final clarification. Taletia is a disciple of Ashkrypt. Her, Rogran and Iks are all specifically vassals tied to the Lichlord. Hopefully they'll let me expand on that in future books. I have a plan for old Ashypoo. I'm really excited to hear people's feedback on the book. It has been really tough to keep my mouth shut for so long, which is the main reason I've been scarce around here lately.
  17. I'd use Scorched Metal for my shadow color. I would think that you could take your highlights right into the first golds triad, though I haven't tried it.
  18. I personally wouldn't pick up Corvus, I'd pick up another Andras. Poudn for pound, one of the best Captains in the game. The other thing I'd pick up would be Iks and a bunch of slaves. Don't underestimate the ability to have 19 bondslaves acting as one. If nothing else they draw firestorms away from the warriors. Don't overlook Ymrilix, he can be devestating in low point games. As for the Chevie, well...I go back and forth. I don't think he's very effective in a low point game were you can only have 1. Put two or three together though and its a different story. Oh I don't know, I've got a 1000 point Matisse list that rocks! Granted, he's half the points, but whenever you use a warlord at that level it's gonna be lopsided.
  19. I mounted mine to the base and I think they look fine. They're kind of in the corner of the base.
  20. Well that's exactly what I was going to say, but Matt beat me to it. This makes sense, since he's the one first pointed this out to me clearly when we started working on units for the faction books. Here's a great example: Overlord Crossbowmen. Yeah they're archers so they should be adepts and yeah they have great stats, but points alone doesn't tell their story. Ranked is a powerful ability and makes or breaks them IMNSHO. Take a troop of 10 Crossbowmen and they fall pretty easily. Now take 5 O'lord warrios and 5 crossbowmen. Now take two troops of those. Those crossbowmen are going to live a significantly longer time and do more damage than the same 10 crossbowmen alone. That synergy between a high DV warrior and a range brutn that can attack THROUGH them is powerful. Points can't stop that, the only way to really balance it is by limitting the number of occurances of that synergy, because having two troops of that combo opens a wealth of tactical options.
  21. There's a big difference there. Changes to the Warlord rules don't make your entire army worthless and they provide those changes for free. I have a buddy who plays 40K and twice now he's had to scrap 80% of his army and start over. The changes that are "sticking" people with unusable figs are changes that were necessary to combat abuses to the system. An all archer Elven force was broken and needed to be changed. The Reven list was broken in many ways, and needed to be changed. I hate to use the word broken, because it's not like they were totally unbeatable, just unbalanced. The fact that someone bought 40 elven archers to exploit that embalance and now is stuck with extra archers, doesn't bother me, quite frankly. Sorry if that sounded a little snarky. Will these changes keep happening, I hope so, because it makes the game better. I don't care how big your playtest group is, until you get it out in the real world, you won't find every little way in which someone can tweak and twist a system to number crunch their way to victory. I like that they are trying to make the game about skill and tactics, rather than who can build the best army combo. That's why those changes have been made, not for marketing reasons like some other companies do.
  22. Daughters of the Whip are a 2 MA adept.
  23. What about a durability test? I'll agree that Testers Dullcote(lusterless laquer, now) is the best fixitive I've found, but it has no protective properties at all. So what'st he best compromise between protection and finish? BTW, while I' like the Citadel for it's dead flat finish and decent protective properties, it has a reactive problem with Master Series paint. I've had a dozen figs that have got a frosty finish from using Citadel sealer.
  24. And don't forget, PRIMER counts as a color!!!
  25. This is incorrect. You aren't allowed a 2nd troop of adepts until 2000 points. You get one for every FULL 1000 points, as specified on page 49 of the 2nd printing core rulebook (bottom left corner of the page). You're absolutely right, Gus. I had 1500 points on the brain because I had just been discussing the 1501 pt level requiring a Warlord model. I'll stand by my point though, just replace 2000 for 1500 in the above argument.
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