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    Update, it's alive! If anyone finds any glitches let me know. I know we have some double news posts, I'm working on that. Converting SQL versions, oh the humanity!!!
  2. Dateline Omaha, NE - Nuke-Con 2002.... People seen playing MWDA - maybe 10-15 Number of people we demo to and who joined the ongoing CAV game on saturday alone - 20+ Having seen the reactions of most people, MWDA is no threat to CAV. Almost every old Battletech player who has tried MWDA is disappointed if not disgusted with it. CAV was never meant to replace Battletech, it's a game unto itself. By the same token it's not REALLY in competition with MWDA. They have two totally different target audiences. MWDA appeals primarily to kids and those who just want something that doesn't require any work to play. CAV appeals to those who like to play and paint the minis, who appreciate a more indepth game. The only danger it poses to CAV is through the fermenting of the perception that they are similar. That's where Black Lightning comes in, to clarify the true nature of CAV.
  3. The on thing that I learned very early on is that you can't set boundaries on your art based on the medium used. There are a number of effects that can only be created by combining mediums. Ever seen a piece done by mixing watercolours over pastels? Incredible. While doing scenic painting for live stage productions, I learned to use so many techniques I couldn't believe it. For years scene painters have used everythign from brushes to spray guns to feather dusters attached to cordless drills. The most useful tool for a scenic painter is a garden pestide sprayer. Mix your paint and sling it across your back and start spraying. The point is that nothing can be classified as cheating because in art, there are no boundaries, there are not techinically correct methods. The correct method is whatever creates the look you want and invokes the emotions you want from the viewer. I think we can all say without conceit and no matter what our skill level is, that we are all creating small works of art. That means there are no holds barred.
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