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  1. You know, one of the reasons I've been avoiding this forum for so long has been trying to keep my mouth shut about the Onyx Phalanx units. They're a crowd pleaser. I'm a little miffed though, I still haven't gotten to see the models yet.
  2. Thanks for the kudos everyone. It's nice to get a little validation for NOT using NMM. Angorak, what do you mean by metallic medium? Something I have done on other figs is use the new MSP pearl white as a final flash highlight. It seems to work very well. I purposely avoided that this time because I wanted a darker feel. Instead of going 4 colors (Shadowed Steel, Honed Steel, Polished Silver & Pearl White), I cranked back and started with Adamantium Black and went to Polished Silver.
  3. The master of the Onyx Legion lives! Did I actually get the first painted one up here? I did this using layered metallics like I did those Lupines a while back. I kinda rushed him to get him done so the transitions are a little rough in places. Still, I like the effect. My only complain with this model is the eyes. They are very difficult to paint because he has that hooded eyes face and this really restricts the eyes. For all the time I spent on them, I might just as well have filled em with shadow and called it good. Let me know what you think.
  4. Oh God I hope so. I wonder if they'll give me a deal on a case lot.
  5. I'll agree with everyone else on a couple points. Your biggest problem with this particular thread is timing and topic. Not all of us do NMM. WHile I've attempted it a time or two, I'm not comfortable giving advice on how to do it. I've also noticed that a majority of the best artists on this board are currently MIA, I assume because everyone went to ReaperCon. Were people like Kelcore and Jester around and alert I'm sure your friend would get the help he's looking for, but at this time he's gonna have to be patient. I think it's just timing more than anything else dude.
  6. Overlords are my favorite because the Hand of Khardullis compels me.
  7. I'm tellin ya, Ivy Crown Archers are broken in Melee Combat! See Castlebuilder, it's not just me!!!
  8. Would I shock anyone if I said Overlords? 1.) Overlords 2.) Crusaders 3.) Reptus, even though I've never played em. 4.) Necropolis 5.) Nefsokar
  9. God I love the Overlords!!!! The only words more scary than Teleported Ymrilix are Ivy Crown Archers.
  10. Actually no that wouldn't make sense, because the Crimson Knights and Athak aren't part of the Crypt legion. Hmm.... Could we be seeing hints of a nw basic boxed set?
  11. I'm not sure about Isarah, but the Chevy already has an insanely high DV, so he really doesn't need Cavalry. Keep in mind that Cavalry is a essentially an anti-archery tactical ability. Not everything on a horse is trained in Cavalry tactics, and likewise you don't need a horse to be trained in anti-archer techniques. Onyx Chevaliers aren't worried about pesky arrows, they just charge right on through.
  12. I used the Incarnation of Flame last weekend at a Con Tournament and it was incredibly useful. Not only is this an awesome sculpt, but it's a useful combat unit. I'm not sure how good Selthak will be(yeah I am he's nasty), but that model is way beyond my expectations. Bobby really took that feel of the gothic assassin and pulled it together. I love it. I'm a bit disappointed in the Xailor model, It's still pretty cool. A little conversion and he'll be what I always envisioned him to be. As for how he'll be in combat, well he's called the Onyx Defiler for a reason.
  13. I'm trying to withhold judgement as well until I can get my hands on her. I have to say she's a lot stockier, as your said, then I had envisioned, but hey I'm not the sculpter. I'm just so excited to see these models starting to appear, I'm like a kid in a candy store!!! The Count Lorenth model Rocks!!!! "Khardullis likes the ladies..." Classic!!! That one's gonna stick!
  14. Ahhh dat's a my baby boy! It's so nice to see them finally coming out. I'm all aquiver with anticipation!
  15. Distinct possiblity I may come up. I have to check with Kaimaster and see if he's planning on running anything, but I usually come up to help him out.
  16. Excellent! Thanks Qwyk, you da man.
  17. OK, I can not for the life of me figure out how to set a RAGE store as my home store in my profile? Anyone got an idea for me?
  18. I heard the Crusaders were getting a Magic Night Light. After all, it can get scary on those long marches toward certain death along the walls of Craclaw.
  19. Well I did one fo my Unforgiven last night to see how it would look in white and gold. Now the question is do I go backa dn repaint all of em or just do the unforgven white and gold. It looks great!
  20. AM I really that Transparent? Actually no, that's what the Hitman is for, or as I like to call them, The Hammers of Khardullis. And I'm not sure about RCON yet. I hope so, but we'll have to see how things pan out.
  21. The color thing in the Beta rules was just in regards to datacards and colors, I believe. You know I painted my Templars in blue because it felt right, but that's not the only way. I have a fellow player here doign them in white and red. I'm sticking blue because I've already started that way, but with a few exceptions. My Unforgiven for example are white and gold, symbolizing their striving for redemption. I'm curently trying to come up with a second color scheme for my new Overlords army. Something that stands apart from my red and black, yet matches enough to use together.
  22. I'll put my Revenant up against a 'Hawk VI anytime you like Spartan.
  23. That's the biggest challenge with the faction books. You look at a faction and say, ok they don't have this, or this, or this. The thing is, does it make sense for every faction to have all that? Should every factio have massive cavalry units? Should every faction be teeming with arch-clerics? Should they offer a bevy of elite units? If anything I think the faction books should make the factions less alike, rather than more alike.
  24. Feb., we'll be back in late Feb. so we'll have to plan something. I've got just enough room for my hockey gear and my Warlord figs.
  25. *sniff sniff* Makes me wish I was going home for Christmas.
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